How You Can Increase Breast Size

breast sizeTrue, breasts also play a great role in enhancing the beauty of the women. This is more so when they wear outfits for attending parties or any other gathering or when they wear swimwear.

Shortcomings in some parts of the body, say a face covered with acne, can be covered with some lotions or with makeup. However, breasts cannot be made to look larger except with some tight outfits. These outfits cannot be of much help, particularly for those who have quite small breasts.

So, persons with small breasts would be hesitant to attend parties or wear swimsuits because of their small breasts. At the same time, these persons will have a feeling that they may not be liked by their husbands. Some would even have the feeling that they could enjoy their life with their husbands only if they had bigger breasts.

Those who have children are the most affected because they would have a feeling that with larger breasts their life would have been much more fun, for both them and their husbands.

Causes for smaller breasts:

Researchers say genetic factors are the reasons for small breasts. It is not a birth defect. Further, it does not mean that that small breasts signal any deformity. The only disturbing factor associated with small breasts is the perception of beauty – it may be termed as a ‘cosmetic concern’.

Remedies for smaller breasts:

1. One of the remedies is breast implantation. This is a surgical method where the surgeon would insert artificial silicon plates to make the breasts appear larger.  This is a forced enlargement of the breasts. This procedure requires hospitalization and medication. Apart from this, the procedure is costly. The surgical procedure is not free from side effects. There are many instances where women have lost sensation in the breasts. In some cases even after surgery, many women have not found much improvement in the size of their breasts.

2. Many would prefer natural procedures for increasing the size of their breasts over surgical procedures. This natural procedure is called the breasts enhancement procedure. This procedure is gaining in popularity because the success rate is quite satisfactory.  Further, this procedure is free from any side effects.  There is no medication required in this system. It is quite cost effective.