Explosive Tantric Sex Techniques For Ethereal Bliss

Tantric Sex Insight KnowledgeSex is one of the most primal needs of man. Besides its obvious reproductive function, it has the energy to make you experience states of ethereal bliss. As times change so do our beliefs and perceptions. Sex has become a morally inappropriate and functional activity for us.  When you consider the social perception about sex, you realize that the urge to discuss your desire is looked down upon as much as the actual act of fornication. It is this constant repression that has led to the formation of misconceptions in everyone’s head. Our perceptions about sex are largely based upon either what we see in movies, pornography, read in books or erotic literature or what we are told by our parents. The chance of going astray is most likely when you get only part of the picture.

Tantric sex is a practice that will cultivate a healthy perception in your mind towards sex. This change in perception along with the imbibing of certain Tantric sex principles in your sex life will enable to liberate your sexual experience.

What is Tantrism

Tantra refers to the scriptures identified with the worship of Shakti or the universal energy. Tantrism originated in South East Asia and influenced a lot of religions that originated in these parts. What Tantrism seeks to do is to connect with the universal energy or the ‘prana’ and experience a manifestation of it in our physical, mental and spiritual realms. Tantric sex too aims to do the same thing. The means to connect with this energy forms the system of Tantra. The means can consist of the practice of ‘Yoga’ or the recitation of ‘Mantras’ (syllables) or the use of ‘Yantras’ (instruments). Training in these is a long process that is done under the guidance of the Guru.

Seven chakras in Tantric sex

In Tantric sex, sexual power is important as it can be channeled to experience and contain a massive latent energy that resides in you. Tantric sex takes into account the seven chakras (levels of vibration) and the projection of these chakras on our body. When the energy in these chakras is imbalanced it can cause problems. Activation of these chakras through various activities can help restore mental and physical balance.

The chakras are located in various parts of our physical anatomy. These chakras play an important part in Tantric sex. The chakra at the base of the spine controls our will and desire and is called ‘Muladhara’ (the root of sustenance). Another chakra called ‘Swadhisthana’ influences our sensuality and our ability to imagine. It is located just above the sexual organs.

The Manipura influences our ability to impose control on ourselves, our intelligence and our ego. It is located in the area around the solar plexus. The chakra located in the area around the cardiac plexus influences the circulatory, immune and respiratory systems. It is called ‘Anahata’.At the base of the throat this chakra controls the activity related to esophagus, pharynx and the vocal chords. It is called ‘Vishuddha’.

Located in the middle of the forehead, our sensory perception and insight are controlled by the ‘Ajnachakra’. This chakra has a vital role in the spiritual release of a person. The activation of this chakra which lies above the head crown helps a person experience a state of continuous transcendental consciousness. This chakra is called the ‘Sahsrara’.

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Functionality of Tantric sex

Tantric sex is a way of experiencing ourselves and our bodies in a state of great consciousness. Tantric sex guides us in achieving harmony and union not only with our partner but even our inner self. When engaged in the sexual act Tantric sex helps us in being aware of the pleasure we experience and at the same time give pleasure to our partner. A lot of times people engage in sex focusing only on the end without deriving pleasure out of the means, Tantric sex makes you conscious of the means. Tantric sex shifts the focus from the orgasm. Having sex for the sake of orgasms limits the entire experience and Tantric sex helps broaden and prolong the experience. Tantric sex helps you to enjoy the intimacy with your partner and be aware of every stage of the sexual act thereby increasing pleasure and prolonging your orgasm. Tantric sex uses various other practices to help you gain awareness and consciousness; it also involves imbibing the philosophy behind Tantric sex. Yoga, meditation, breathing techniques; are all used to achieve the final aim of Tantric sex, the oneness with the cosmos.

Some of the things which are followed by Tantric sex practitioners can also be incorporated by you as they focus on something basic. Of course these can be used as starting points to try something different. It is not exactly everything that Tantric sex incorporates.

Make sure the area you choose to have sex in is uncluttered and clean. Tantric sex needs you to create a space where you can experience comfort and pleasure. If you want to arrange for some candles, flowers etc. Use a soft bed with clean sheets and maybe even put on some music. By doing this you are creating a space for you and your partner to be intimate so that sex does not end up being just another routine.

You and your partner can meditate together to be open to receive each other. Try breathing exercises to develop a rhythm with your partner’s body. These exercises involve getting into the yab-yom position (the woman straddles the man’s lap) and breathing in sync. The man must exhale when the woman inhales and vice versa. Being conscious about your breath is important in Tantric sex.

Tantric sex insists that all sort of activities even yoga, meditation must be done in a space that has a certain amount of light. Absolute darkness is a no for tantric sex. It is important to keep your eyes open and look at your partner according to Tantric sex. In spite of being so intimate with our partners there is a strong urge to close our eyes. Practitioners of Tantric sex make it a point to look at each other and enjoy the process of watching your partner transform as he/she receives pleasure.

Another thing you must follow is to focus on the pleasure you receive as you are with your partner. Don’t ignore foreplay, in fact according to practitioners of Tantric sex you must try to prolong the process and build energies. Shift your focus away from the orgasm and concentrate on deriving pleasure from every moment.

A lot of times having the wrong approach to sex can play havoc with your life. Several couples complain of boring or non existent sex lives. This can affect your relationship adversely and even result in a divorce. Tantric sex helps couples to enjoy sex and alleviate the problems their relationship faces. The aim of Tantric sex is to make you connect with the energy on a macrocosmic level.

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