Intercourse During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women want to know whether sex during pregnancy or intercourse during pregnancy is safe or not.

If your health is good and had no complications during your previous pregnancy intercourse during pregnancy is safe and you would get the same orgasm and enjoyment as normal days provided you keep away all the worries and stress.

Most women are concerned about the safety of their fetus. Don’t worry! Your system protects your fetus by amniotic fluid so nothing like sex can cause harm to your unborn child.

If you are pregnant and healthy, you can have sex throughout your pregnancy without causing any harm to your unborn child.

However, in some cases sex during pregnancy is not safe such as if you had experienced miscarriage during your previous pregnancy or premature birth had taken place earlier or if either you or your partner is having some sort of infection or you bleed during intercourse or you suspect multiple fetuses.

Some women lose sex interest during first trimester of pregnancy therefore they may not show signs of enthusiasm during sex at that time but their sex drive gets back to normal during second trimester and they enjoy having intercourse.

It is advised to abstain from sex or intercourse during the last two months of pregnancy. Fourth month to seventh month during pregnancy is considered to be safe period for intercourse and enjoyment. If you do intercourse during the last weeks of pregnancy it could cause complications such as leaking out of aminiotic fluid, pre term labor or harm to the unborn child.

While having sex during pregnancy, your male partner should keep some important safety tips in mind. He should not penetrate penis with full force into your vagina. He should do it gently. He should not insert any other material such as vibrator, sex toys etc inside your vagina. He should not blow air into your vagina. Doing so can be fatal to your unborn child.

While doing sex during pregnancy, you need to take care of comfortable positions. Lie sideways or lie side by side in the spoons position or get on top of your partner for safe sex. You can also try penetrating while sitting in various positions.

If you have some doubt regarding your health consult your doctor regarding having sex during intercourse. You can enjoy oral sex if you are asked to avoid penetration.