Kiss Me

kissingRomantic couples like to steal a kiss in the rain, in a dark theater, in a car, at a party when no one’s looking, at a candlelight dinner, under the mistletoe and where not.

For a couple in love, kisses or smooching as its’ called is not just romantic, but also best for their lips.

Legend has it that a person can win wars with a sword, but can be won over by a single kiss. God has bestowed on humans the ability to kiss to express their love. To do the same dogs, cats, and bears lick; horses and cows rub noses and necks; and birds nestle.

Fresh Breath

Bad breath can ruin everything between two people. To make a kiss work, a mint in the mouth or a breath freshener spray comes in handy. Brushing the teeth also, helps’ as it keeps the breath fresh.


For a couple to enjoy a kiss, being in a perfect and comfortable position is most important. It is better to sit side by side on a sofa, or just stand. While coming closer to kiss, tilting the head slightly sideways in opposite directions helps to avoid a nose bump.

Closed Eyes

Closing of the eyes before/while smooching allows’ people to enjoy its intensity. Sometimes people prefer to keep their eyes open while kissing, it is said doing so invokes eroticism. However, it is meant for those who are at ease kissing their partners.

Moist Lips

Moistening the lips, with your tongue before smooching helps’. Moistened lips’ allows a couple to get a more pleasant experience while kissing. However, men should avoid lip-gloss and ladies should avoid lipstick as they make the lips sticky.

How to Kiss?

To do a lip lock, place your lips over your partner’s lips. Breathing through your nose, press the lips gently over your partner’s lips. Move your lips in a slow, tentative circular motion, then try sucking/wrestling with it gently. Meanwhile, use the hands to play with partner’s hair or rub the waist/back to raise sensuality.

Kissing, good for health

Research shows men who kiss their wives before going to work in the morning, do not fall ill as often as others. Being relaxed, they suffer fewer accidents, earn 20% more, reduce the chance of heart attack, and live longer. So much to gain with just a kiss!