Know More About Beer Treatment For Hair

Long, beautiful and shiny tresses definitely add to the beauty of all women. While some are blessed with naturally beautiful tresses, the less lucky lot will have to put in extra effort, in order to make their hair beautiful.

There are many treatments, which offer one the promise of a healthier hair. Of these, a quite effective method, which is widely followed, is the beer treatment for hair. This treatment is proven to be an inexpensive and effective solution for all your hair troubles. Malt and hops, which are the primary ingredients of beer, are found to be rich in proteins that help in repairing chemically damaged hair. The action of malt is also found to be effective in getting rid of split ends. In addition, the action of sucrose in the beer is seen to increase the shine of the hair.

Giving your hair a much deserved beer treatment is quite easy, and for that all you have to do is to follow the guidelines which are mentioned below.

Beer Treatment For Shiny Hair

In order to give your tresses that extra shine, you can try out a beer and tea rinse. To perform this treatment, you have to prepare a hair rinse by mixing together half a cup of freshly brewed tea with half a cup of beer. This hair rinse is to be poured on freshly shampooed hair and is to be left on for 15 minutes.  Rinsing with cold water after the stipulated time period, will leave you with silky and smooth tresses.

In another method, you can pour a complete bottle of beer over your head and massage your scalp for around 5 minutes.  After this, do wash the hair and scalp with cold water. If the smell of the beer is too strong for you to bear, then you can mask it by the use of a conditioner with a pleasant smell. After the beer treatment, you can towel dry your hair and style it according to your choice.

Beer As A Cleansing Agent

For getting rid of dirt and hair product residues which are present on the hair shaft, and for promoting healthy hair growth, one can use a beer–vinegar hair rinse. This cleansing hair rinse can be easily prepared by mixing half a cup of water, half a cup of beer and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. You can also make the hair rinse a fragrant one, by adding to it 2 to 3 drops of essential oil of your choice. This solution is to be rubbed thoroughly onto the hair and scalp and is to be rinsed off with cold water after 10 minutes.

Prepare A Beer Shampoo

Using a shampoo made from beer will help in tackling the issue of extra oily hair and split ends.  To prepare a beer shampoo, you will have to first boil one and a half cups of beer. Continue the boiling process until the quantity of beer has reduced to quarter of a cup. After the beer has cooled down, do combine it with 1 cup of mild and unscented shampoo and mix thoroughly. Using this beer shampoo once a week, will help in giving your hair a thicker and fuller appearance.

Therefore, do try out the above said beer treatments for hair without delay and be the proud owner of tresses that are beautiful and luscious.

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