Know Your Man

dating3‘Understanding men’ has been the most discussed thing among the woman. Women have always been interested to know what men exactly want. It is true that the men and woman are completely different from each other. Their reactions to the same situation are completely different. 

While a woman lives in her romantic dream world, a men rarely talks about his emotions. Their line of thought and action is completely different from women.

Generally a woman complains that her husband lacks romanticism and never demonstrates his emotions with sweet and caring gestures like bringing flowers or giving a gift. This is normal, and of cribbing a woman should tell her man what she expects and then see the change in her man. Men often do not know how to express themselves, but a push from the woman they cares for makes them change and become more expressive.

At times it is really frustrating that the guy doesn’t notice or react to the small and sweet gestures like kissing and hugging. A woman needs to understand that a man has many other things in his head and his mind is constantly thinking about various other things. If women are patient and do not react sharply, they can connect with their men and reach an understanding.

Fighting or simply avoiding talking with him can lead to unhealthy relationship. Remember that men do not believe in discussing the problem, but try to find a solution to the problem. The basic thing to understand is that men have different way of looking at things.  They cannot think the way woman thinks. Both the sexes are used to approaching things and reacting in totally different ways.

Respect the feelings of your man. Only your love and understanding can bring him close to you. It is better to discuss the problems with your man instead of just brooding over them and cribbing that your guy doesn’t understand what you want.

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