Learn to Say No Politely

It’s not possible to always say yes to everything. Yet saying no is also perilous. You need to be polite and humble while saying no. But most of the times instead of being polite, you end up sounding like a snob. Undoubtedly, it takes a lot of guts to say no without hurting feelings. And there are ways to do so too.

First things first, hear out the person. Don’t be in a haste to say no. Don’t interrupt and let the speaker complete his narration. Now don’t abruptly say no. Be humble and tell your friend that this time you won’t be able to help him. Negate it such a way that you sound confident and straightforward.

If you don’t intend to say a direct no to your friend, take a roundabout route. Like you can say you would have loved to help but right now you are really busy with your work. You don’t have to explain much. The person will take the hint.

Don’t feel obligated to explain why you are unable to help him. If the person insists on knowing the reason, just excuse yourself from the place saying I need to go. Your explaining things won’t change the way a person will feel once negated. So just keep your reasons to yourself.

If you don’t want to help out, please be upfront and tell the person directly. Don’t try to make excuses like ‘oh…sorry, I was so busy didn’t get the time to think about your offer’. Don’t do that.

You aren’t doing anything wrong so why behave like a fugitive? Just talk to the person and tell him you won’t be able to help him. That’s it. Don’t go absconding after promising to help. That’s definitely rude.

However, if you want to try out your options before helping your friend out, take some time from him. If you can manage to do it, well and good; if not, just convey the same.

There is no two-way about the fact that saying no to your near and dear one is a painful exercise. But when you can’t help, you just can’t help. Your friends and relatives will understand if you are vocal enough to voice your no.

These are some easy tips so say no.