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Limit your party binges

The ‘morning after the night before’ is generally an ordeal to pass. Relentless rounds of partying all through the holidays throw all food and diet resolutions out of the window. But unless, some control is exercised, there are chances of you running away at the very thought of food.

Not all seasonal food is going to drag you down. While heavy pastries and cheese balls will inevitably make you feel leaden, lots of delicious lighter options are on offer. By making better choices you can maximise your enjoyment and also not feel deprived. What is more, you will avoid binging on those calorie laden foods which have a deadening effect on your energy levels. Tempting treats are often fatty and we crave this. Satisfy the craving with healthy fats from foods such as a filling salad or nuts. Christmas pudding and mince pies are guaranteed to bloat you up.

The problem with sugary foods is that it they trigger blood sugar highs and lows, which open the floodgates on bingeing. By enjoying non-sugary snacks and consuming your meals around protein foods, you can avoid this. Chocolates play havoc on the system, no matter how irresistible they are. Instead of the family pack assortment of cheap chocolates, choose better quality 60-70 per cent cocoa solid chocolates. They are a bit more expensive but with such concentrated flavour, a little goes a very long way, meaning you are not tempted to over-indulge. They are easier to nibble at delicately, instead of necking down enough to make you feel sick.

Avoid large packs of nuts and crisps, which are so salty they make you reach for the fizzy drinks that bloat you up. Choose fresh nuts and fruits or fruity juices. An after meal drink of mint tea which has a potent digestive aid will help your stomach to feel calm. Mix shorts with juice (such as tomato juice or orange juice) instead of fizzy mixers which may increase bloating, and certainly speed up alcohol absorption into the blood. For every alcoholic drink you have, consume an equal amount of water. Try to only drink when you can dampen the effect with some food, even if it is just some olives or nuts.

All these suggestions are not about limiting yourself and limiting your fun; it is about listening to your body, and with a little control lets you enjoy the party longer.