Lip Care Tips To Prevent Chapped Lips

Dry and chapped lips are not at all a pleasant sight to look at. Chapped lips are caused by the excessive dryness of the lip skin. Overexposure of your lips to harsh climatic conditions like the wind and sun may lead to depletion of natural oil from the surface of the lips.

You may also get chapped lips, if you have the habit of constantly licking your lips.

Having chapped lips can be a very painful experience. Dry lips tend to be very sensitive and sometimes they even crack and bleed.

Here are some tips to prevent the occurrence of the annoying condition of chapped lips.

Dehydration is one of the main reasons for formation of chapped lips. Always keep yourself hydrated. It is advisable for you to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

The condition of chapped lips is seen to aggravate during winters when the air becomes dry. Invest in a humidifier during winter months. A humidifier will help in retaining the moisture content in your room, and will thus prevent the occurrence of chapped lips.

You can also apply a chap stick or a lip balm throughout the day in order to keep your lips moisturized. The lip balm used should also have an SPF of at least 15.The chap sticks and lip balms form an oily layer on the surface of the lips which will help in sealing in of the moisture.

Also do not lick your lips as the saliva will tend to dry out the lip skin.

You should exfoliate your lips regularly as a preventive measure against chapped lips formation. You can exfoliate your lips by brushing them with a tooth brush or a warm wet washcloth. Take care not to over-exfoliate as it may lead to the cracking and bleeding of the lips.

Do not wear matte lipsticks as it will make your lips even drier. Always treat your lips with a cream based lipstick which is enriched with Vitamin E. You can also apply Vitamin E oil and olive oil on your lips to prevent them from drying up.

Have a healthy and well balanced diet. A diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids, iron and Vitamin B complex will help in retaining the moisture of the skin and will thus prevent chapped lips formation.

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