Lip Plumper – Luscious Lips in a Minute

Lip Plumper

If you have spent hours in front of the mirror perfecting that Victoria Beckham like pout or fervently wished you were endowed with Angelina Jolie’s full lips, but are too scared to go under the surgeon’s knife then help is at hand.

You can now get those lovely voluptuous lips temporarily at least through a lip plumper.

Lip plumper is a beauty product that is available as liquid lip gloss for the specific purpose of plumping out the lips. It is available either as clear gloss to be worn under lipsticks or in a variety of shades which can be worn directly on the lips. Women with thin lips are the ideal candidates for the miraculous effects of a lip plumper.

The basic principle on which a lip plumper works is through the usage of an irritant. There are also lip plumpers who claim to increase the size of your lips by boosting moisture levels, by activating collagen production or by blood vessel dilation.

Natural products like African Chilies, cinnamon and caffeine are widely used to make the lips look fuller. Although the effects of the products employing these ingredients are instant, they are also transient in nature.

There are other types of lip plumpers that are available in the market whose effects last slightly longer. These products work on the naturally occurring collagen and elastin by increasing the hyaluronic acid quantities in the skin. This increases the moisture level which in turn plumps out the lips.

If you aim to keep the plumped up look for a longer period, then you should go in for products which contain peptides, marine collagen, human growth factors and vitamin C. These ingredients instruct the skin to produce greater quantities of collagen. Over a period of time and with constant application the lips increase in size naturally.

Lip plumpers whose main ingredients are Vitamin E and Vitamin B12 increase the blood flow to the lips. By enhancing the blood flow, these vitamin based lip plumpers gradually increase the natural lip size.

Other than lip glosses, lip plumpers are available today as patches or strips. Stay with known brands of lip plumpers and ensure that you are not allergic to any of its components.

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