Make-up Tips For Beautiful Looks At Different Places

Make-up Tips For Beautiful LooksEvery woman wants to “look her best” and enhance her beauty through proper make up and employing deft strokes of the brush. So why not try some make-up tricks which will make you look attractive and beautiful throughout the day.

Make-up for the day

Simple polished look just like Kate Middleton works like magic and attracts everybody’s attention too. Make-up does not mean that you have to use every cosmetic product in your make-up kit to the maximum. Heavy make-up spoils your natural beauty and makes you look like a plastic doll. Always remember not to use very dark shades for make up during the day time. Day make-up should always be soft and natural.

Tips for Day make-up

After washing your face with face wash apply toner and moisturiser in order to make your skin look fresh and glowing. If there are any spots on your skin then conceal them with a concealer. Dark circles should also be covered with a concealer. On the whole face first apply Tainted moisturiser and then daily soufflé. After this in the end apply the compact foundation powder which should match your skin colour perfectly or should be a shade lighter.

Now apply peach, pink or light brown coloured eye shadow, to highlight your eyes. If your eyes are small then with the help of eye pencil or kajal pencil draw a thick line and define your eyes. But if your eyes are bigger then draw a thin line with the eye pencil or kajal pencil. Now apply the eyeliner on the edges of your eyelashes to highlight your eyes.

Apply cherry pink or orange blusher on your cheek bones. This will highlight your cheek bones. Lips should be beautified with natural or pink or red lip gloss because during the day dark shades should be avoided.

Tips for Night Make-up

Night make-up should be done in such a manner that you should look hot and glamorous in the night. The basic trick for night make-up is that one part of your face like either eyes or lips or cheeks should be highlighted.

Wash your face with a face wash and cold water and then pat it dry. Now apply toner and moisturiser. Conceal or hide the dark circles around your eyes with a concealer. All the dark spots on the face should be hidden with the help of concealer. You can use the concealer on the whole face to hide any kind of dark patches or blemishes on your face.

Choose the shade of the foundation according to your skin tone. Mix a little shimmer in the foundation. Now apply it on your face and on the neck and rub it to blend it with your skin, foundation should be blended properly otherwise it gives patchy look to your face. Now apply compact on the face.

Upper eyelid should be highlighted with the help of thick eyeliner and the yes can be highlighted with the help of kajal or kohl pencil jet black in colour. Now define your eyes with the help of green or blue coloured shimmery eye liner.

Curl your eye lashes with the help of lash curler and apply mascara on the eye lashes to give them a thick look. Cheek bones should be highlighted with bronze, brown, maroon or deep red blusher and blend the blusher on the cheeks to avoid the patchy look. On the blusher apply gold, silver or bronze highlighter and blend it with the blusher. The highlighter should be applied in a thin layer just to enhance the cheeks.

Outline your lips with the help of lip pencil. If the lips are smaller in size then outline them a bit outside the lip line with a lip pencil and give them the perfect shape. But if they are bigger in size then outline the lips from the inner side of the lips with the lip pencil in order to give them a smaller look. Now apply red, pink, orange or deep peach coloured lipstick on the lips and give them a glossy look by applying lip gloss on the lips.

Indian Formal Look

Indian Formal Look is very simple and sober so do not try to look very glamorous, otherwise the beauty of typical Indian look will be spoiled.
Eye shadow should be of such colours like copper, blue or magenta, so that it goes with Indian outfits.

For a typical Indian formal look apply some gold highlighter below your eyebrows. Use blue eye shadow on your eyelids and blend it properly and towards the outer area of your eyes apply magenta coloured eye shadow. This combination will make your eyes look more beautiful.

Eyeliner should be applied from inside to outside and in a thin line from the starting point and make it a bit thick in the middle and in the end, end it with a slight curve upwards. Use kajal for your eyes and below your eyes you can use metallic blue eye liner.

Corporate Look

Corporate look generally has outfits in black and whites only or very light colour, so select an eye shadow matching these shades like cream eye shadow with a combination of beige and gold will look nice and blend the eye shadow properly.

In the centre of the eyelid put a small dot of green eye shadow and in circular motion blend it properly. Below your eyebrows and in the corner of the eyes apply some gold highlighter and blend it thoroughly. This will make your eyes shine. Use mascara instead of eye liner.

Hot and Sexy Look

This look is generally for evening parties, so for these evening parties “smoky eyes” look is the perfect look. Since there is heavy make-up on your eyes so try to keep your lips natural. In order to keep the lips in natural tone just use lip gloss or use natural or dull brown coloured lipstick.

For eye make-up apply black shimmery eye shadow on the whole eye lid. Towards the end of the eyelid apply dark blue eye shadow and blend both the eye shadows nicely. Below the eyebrows and in the corner of the eyes apply pale blue highlighter

Upper eyelid should be highlighted with thick eyeliner. Lower eyelid should be outlined with dark blue eye pencil and smudge it with the help of a brush; this will give soft effect to your eyes. Next time try all these make-up looks at the right places and look like a diva and attract all the attention in the parties too.

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