Makeup Foundations

Use of foundations gives your skin a perfect & smooth finish.  Your skin complexion is enhanced and you get a radiant shine.

If you don’t use foundations as per complexion of your skin, it will affect your color base pigments look dirty.

Contrary to many women’s view, foundations are good for your skin, similar to the face cream. It can give your face the required lift and works as an anti-aging element. Use of branded skin foundations adds protection and should be used with daily moisturizer.

Skin’s color pigments remain protected from pollution and harmful sun rays. For best protection for your skin type, you should check what level of sunscreen is offered by your skin foundation.

You should use foundations in the form of a cream, powder or liquid.  This depends on your skin tone, color pigment, and how much coverage you require.

If your skin can absorb foundations so quickly because of its dryness, use a silk cream foundation. Use of powder foundations can be effective when you have oily skin type.

While applying foundation, your makeup should be applied and spread using a sponge for required coverage. If you know that you have to wear skin foundations all day, you should use products from Bare Essentials, Chanel, or Max Factor cosmetic lines.

Using of skin foundation provides your skin an appearance that is so natural and youthful.

Foundation Applying Tips

Apply foundation with the help of a clean sponge. This will make your skin look luminous and natural.

When you want to give your skin a dewy look, wash a cloth in astringent and gently stroke on ready face. This will reduce matte look of your makeup and leave your skin glowing.

Keep your mouth open while applying foundation. This will show the neck area and help you to remove the clear line at jaw area.

Always keep shades of foundation to be use in winter or summer on hand. All of the year, they will look perfectly if use together.

After finishing your makeup, take a tissue, and gently stroke it on your face. It will mix the makeup and soften your looks.

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