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Makeup Tips For Double Chin

Double Chin MakeupA double chin can ruin the appearance of almost anybody. Such a problem normally occurs during middle age but younger people can also develop double chins. This happens when people put on too much weight.

It can also happen due to genetic factors. This is true in those cases where obesity runs in the family of the person. Water retention in the facial region is also a common cause of a double chin. Many people get so frustrated with this problem that they resort to surgery in an attempt to make the chin area more defined.

However, such harsh methods are not really necessary. A double chin can be concealed rather well even with the help of makeup. Given below are some effective makeup tricks which can be used by those who have a double chin.

Makeup Tips For Double Chin 

Avoid Letting Your Hair Hang Loose

People who have a double chin must avoid hairstyles which involve letting their hair dangle loosely on their shoulders. This tends to make your face appear fuller and highlights the double chin. You must opt for fancy hairstyles which involve tying your hair in a ponytail or a bun.

This helps to take the attention away from your chin. It also helps to make your neck appear much longer than it actually is and so this makes the entire area look slender. You can accessorize your hair in a variety of ways in order to draw attention away from your double chin. Moisturize your neck well so as to keep it looking beautiful.

Highlight Your Lips

One of the best ways of concealing a double chin is to make sure that your lips are highlighted properly. When this is done, the focus shifts from the double chin to the lips. Start by keeping your lips properly moisturized with the help of a good lip balm.

Apply a lip liner so as to shape your lips well. Having done that, choose a nice, glossy shade of lipstick which will complement your lips well. Try to make your lips look full and plump as this helps to conceal a double chin.

Makeup Tips For Double Chin

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Highlight Your Eyes

Your eyes can also play a very important role in helping to draw attention away from your double chin. You can start by applying a neutral shade of eye shadow to your brow bone and the inner corner of your eye.

Then apply a darker shade to the crease of the eye followed by a really dark shade of shadow along the outer corner of the eye. Smudge and extend this shadow a little outside the eye in order to create a dramatic effect. Add even more drama to the look by making use of black eyeliner and a few coats of black mascara.

The Bronzed Look

A bronzer can be quite effective in dealing with a double chin. However, you must be able to highlight the chin area in such a way that it appears more toned. Use a bronzer in the chin area in such a way that the illusion of chiselled features is created and this hides the double chin.

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