Makeup Tips For Mature Women

Makeup needs vary with age. With increase in age, care should be taken to apply the right amount of make up in the right way.

Here are some tips for application of makeup for older women.

Start off by applying a vitamin packed moisturizer on your face. The vitamins in the moisturizer will keep the skin healthy. Apply a small amount of foundation primer. This will help to give the whole make up a fresh look

Choosing the perfect foundation for your skin is very much important. Mature skin tends to be dry. So a cream or liquid foundation will be the best for the skin. Also select foundations with yellow undertones for getting a natural coverage. Blend in the foundation well so as to get a natural feel.

The next step will be to apply a concealer. The use of concealer is required to hide age spots and dark circles if you have any. Finally seal the make up by applying a very small amount of moisturizing powder with a facial brush.

For the eyes choose a cream based eye shadow in soft browns, peaches and plum shades. Avoid Powder eye shadows as they can smear easily and can settle in the fine lines around the eyes.  Avoid shimmery eye shadows with glitters as they will seem inappropriate for your age.

Discard liquid eye liners and use pencil eye liners in light brown and khaki shades for a more natural look. It will be better not to use eyeliner on the bottom portion of the eyes. The mascara should be used sparingly, just touching up the lashes.

The blush should be applied on your cheekbones towards your hairline. Proper application of the blush can even give a mini face lift feel too. The blush should also be of subtle colors like pink or peach.

The use of lip liner is not recommended. But if you want to use a lip liner so much, then go for shades in flesh colors. Use a vitamin E enriched matte lipstick which will keep your lips nourished and supple. Avoid lipsticks in dark red and burgundy shades and opt for soft shades.

Mature women should play with make up in such a way so as to get a classy look. Whether you are 16 or 60, you can always look stunning by wearing the right make up.

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