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Makeup Tips For Teen Girls

Teen girls love to adorn themselves in smart dresses and trendy hairstyles and hang out at parties. They want to look their very best for every occasion and are eager to try on different styles to experiment with their appearance.

Makeup Tips For Teen Girls

Teen girls prefer different styles of attire and makeup rather than carrying the same stereotypical look all day and at all occasions. Below are some tips which can help them in putting on trendy makeup that suits various occasions.

Teen is the age of exuberance and vitality. A teen girl would want her makeup to be perfect which includes everything from eye shadow to lip color to blush. Teens can put on perky makeup that looks chic but at the same time, blends well with their skin tone.


The foremost step while applying makeup is to use a concealer to hide blemishes if any and then apply foundation that goes well with your skin tone and texture. Once you have applied the foundation, put on some translucent powder to set the foundation. Use shimmer eye shadow for eyes and smudge it evenly. For cheeks, you can apply pink or neutral shade blush-on and blend it using a brush.

To highlight your beautiful eyes, apply mascara on your eye lashes. Once it has dried, use an eye pencil to highlight the eye contour. You can pick two shades of eyeliners to make your eyes to stand-out. Use a pink or a red lip-liner to outline your lips and then fill the lips with a liquid gloss.


If you are getting ready for a noon outing, simmer makeup would look perfect for the occasion. To apply simmer makeup, pick a foundation that matches your skin tone and blend it well. Use a concealer under the eyes and on blemishes. Apply eye shadow in metallic green shade and use a cotton bud to merge it.

Use a lighter shade of green eyeliner to accentuate the contours. Apply black mascara on eye lashes and use an eyebrow pencil to thicken your eyebrows. Put on pink blush-on your cheeks and apply red lip gloss. Now you are ready to flaunt your chic simmer look and go out and have fun.

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