Making Beautiful Beaded Headbands

beaded-headbandsHeadbands are a classic accessory for keeping hair in place. They are available in a wide variety of styles to flatter most women. Headbands are usually a horseshoe or U shape and may be made from fabric or flexible metal or plastic. Colors, shapes and styles range from practical to very fashionable. With a few simple tools and supplies you can make a beaded headband that will flatter you. They are so simply to make you may want to make an entire wardrobe of headbands!

Materials You Will Need

1. 14-Gauge Jewelry Wire in a length of 12 inches.

2. Beads, whatever size and color you desire, quantity needed will depend on size used.

3. Needle-nose pliers.

4. Scissors.

5. 16 inches of ribbon, cut in two equal lengths.

6. Hot glue and glue gun.


1. Using the needle-nose pliers, form a loop at one end of the wire by folding the end of the wire back over on itself. This will keep the beads from coming off, so the size of the loop must be greater than the hole in the beads.

2. Thread your beads onto the wire. Use whatever pattern you desire. Keep stringing until only about one inch of wire remains.

3. Again using the needle-nose pliers, make a look in the remaining end of the wire. The beads should now be securely held on the wire.

4. Using the hot glue, attach one piece of ribbon to the wire at one end just above the loop. Always be careful when using hot glue.

5. When the glue has cooled slightly, wrap the ribbon around and through the wire loop, covering it completely. Secure the end with hot glue, leaving a free length of ribbon hanging down.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 with the remaining piece of ribbon at the other end of the wire.

7. Bend the wire gently into a U or horseshoe shape.

8. Place the headband on your head, and tie it in place using the ribbons at the nape of your neck.