Managing Stress During Pregnancy

Stress is a common side effect of a person’s daily life activities. But being subjected to stress when you are pregnant is a cause of worry as there is a chance of the baby getting affected.

If the stress is a one day affair or just a result of a random mood swing, there is no need to worry. But the need for concern arises when stress gets out of hand and causes anxiety and depression during pregnancy.

During pregnancy a women’s body undergoes many physical and hormonal changes. The fluctuating levels of hormone are seen to cause stress and related worries in a fair number of pregnant women.

Studies have shown that when stress and anxiety related disorders get out of hand, it affects the unborn baby and may also lead to low birth weight, premature birth and may cause low IQ in babies.

Stress management

The important step in stress management is identifying the root cause of stress. Stress may be caused by emotional factors, financial or work related factors. Once the reason has been sorted out then dealing with stress becomes an easy job.

Eating well is an important factor in staying happy and healthy. Food provides a person energy to get through the day. If you are fit and not tired, coping up with daily issues, be it at work or home becomes quite an easy task. It has been scientifically proved that a well balanced diet helps to keep the hormones in place and reduce stress.

Breathing and relaxation exercises, yoga, physical exercises like slow jogging helps in increasing the blood flow and is found to be a sure mood booster and stress reliever. Try getting plenty of sleep as the baby needs it too. You will feel definitely rejuvenated and fresh after a good night’s sleep.

Talking your worries out with your partner, your counselor or any other close confidante surely works. Manage your workload. Divide time between office and home. In certain cases when stress turns into extreme anxiety and depression, be sure to go for medical help. A tension free workplace and a tension free home are sure to keep all the demons of stress at bay.

Stress is not at all a problem if dealt with properly. Be healthy and happy and be devoid of stress, and thus be sure to enjoy a problem free and healthy pregnancy.