Manicure for your hands

Believe it or not, it takes just 15 minutes of your time to take care of your hands and feet. Manicure makes your hands pretty and all you require is 15 minutes of your time every week, to get manicure. After manicuring, you can just use a bit of natural oil for moisturizing.

Manicure can be done in the comfort of your home.

Take a bowl of warm soapy water. Keep a towel, cotton wool and nail file handy. Use a nail polish remover; apply fresh polish (shades like pink or pearl) and Coconut Oil to moisturize. Apply nail polish preferably before going to bed, while choosing the shades according to your taste.

Steps for manicuring.

1. Remove old nail polish, file nails. Long nails go well with long slim fingers; for short sturdy fingers, oval shape would suit more.

2. Soak your fingers for 2 minutes in soapy water, gently press the cuticles with a cloth and moisturize. Wipe out soap etc. and use polish remover again.

3. Base coat should now be applied. Since these usually contain strengtheners, they can turn the nails yellow because of chemicals in the polish.

4. When it is dry, use nail polish. Apply only two coats, the second coat to be applied only after the first is fully dry.

5. When the polish is fully dry, massage your hands with Almond, Olive or Coconut oil up to your wrist.

A weekly manicure gives a good feel to your hands. Use natural products for manicuring, avoiding expensive creams. While going to bed, a bit of milk cream or milk can be applied to the hands for moisturizing and if you add a pinch of salt, it will also bleach your hands.

Use gloves while washing or doing any other work, besides oiling it once a while. When gardening, take care of your nails by placing small pieces of soap under the nails so that dirt does not enter between the fingertips and nails. Very hot or cold water can create havoc with your hands. In winter, wash your hands and face in cold water as it will moisturize, but apply some oil after washing.

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