Men’s Top Sexual Fantasies – 5 Secrets He’s Fantasizing Inside his Head

We may not be mind readers but it would be interesting to read a man’s mind as he has stored up some sexual fantasies which can be wild and exhilarating.

It won’t be easy as his course of fantasy may be on extreme paths but it would certainly be exciting. So, before you get into bed with him, it is a good idea to know a little of his expectations from you in bed. An exciting sexual encounter comes about from the pursuit of both parties to satisfy each other besides themselves.

When you know how to treat your man the way he wants, your sexual escapade will not only be pleasurable and memorable, it could be explosive and satisfying.

So, what is the man fantasizing in his mind? Read on to discover some of men’s main sexual fantasies.

Moaning and calling out his name – As humans, we have an emotional need of wanting to be depended on especially for affection. Similarly, your lover would want to know that you are dependent on him for affection which you could express during a sexual encounter by calling out his name or begging him for satisfaction. When the male sees your helplessness expressed during sexual encounters, he is automatically turned on and is motivated and charged up to satisfy you fully.

Roughing it a little – Though ladies want to go about it slow and easy, men like it when the ladies change the tempo slightly when the passion is on the rise during love making. Being slightly rough with your guy riding on the wave of passion will boost up his hormones to create an exciting and passionate love making session.

Being playful with some teases – It may be that love making is usually serious and solemn as you get focused on your activity but the guy would like to have you in a playful mood at times, especially prior to foreplay. It is natural for the guy to want to know that you are in the mood for making love when you tease and get playful on him. This relaxes him to up his performance during love making.

Oral foreplay – Men have foreplay desires too. And it is oral pleasures. Men can instantly be turned on to the max. So, if you want more passion in your love making, give your man a treat with oral pleasures as he stimulates you with foreplay. As both parties indulge in each other, your love making sessions will not be dull, for sure.

Meeting his whims and fancies – It takes two to tango; your love making will be more pleasurable when you give in to your man’s whim and fantasy in love making as you would want him to do the same. Spoil each other by meeting each other’s fantasies. Be open and ask if you are not quite sure. When he feels good with how you pamper him in bed, he’ll soon be twirled around your finger.

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