Natural Diuretic

If you are one of those people who have been suffering from extreme water retention, which has resulted in excessive weight gain, then you need to consider the option of switching to foods which act as natural diuretics.

Herbs or natural foods which help to remove excess water from the system and in the process flush out the body toxins are known as natural diuretics. Natural diuretics help to cleanse the body and restore good health.

Foods that are high in salt and sugar can result in fluid retention and bloating.  Eating a protein rich diet can also cause this problem. The problem of water or fluid retention is also experienced by people suffering from B-vitamin or amino acid deficiency.

Fluid retention can lead to a condition known as edema, where certain parts of the body appear bloated. Women who suffer from PMS syndrome also suffer from edema. People having heart disease or high blood pressure also suffer from water retention.

Instead of using synthetic diuretics which are available as OTC drugs, most people suffering from edema are now opting to rid their body of the fluid build up naturally. Extended usage of synthetic diuretics is not a safe choice as it can lead to other health complications. On the other hand eating food which act as natural diuretics are one hundred percent safe.

Some of the food items which help in the process of diuresis are as follows.

Garlic helps to break down the body fat and flushes it out of the system. Hence eating one or two raw garlic flakes is recommended to remove the toxins and fluids from the body. Vitamin C rich tomatoes, which is a natural metabolism booster helps to cleanse the body of excess fluid.

Drinking cranberry juice increases the frequency of urination and improves the functioning of the kidneys. Asparigine an alkaloid present in asparagus acts as natural diuretic.

Lettuce, green tea, dandelion leaf, apple cider vinegar, fennel, parsley, juniper berries, Brussels sprouts, melon, carrots, watercress, artichokes, nettle, horseradish are other examples of foods which act as natural diuretics.

Although natural diuretics help to eliminate toxins from the body and combat the problem of edema, eating too much of these natural diuretic foods is  not advisable as it can lead to mineral and vitamin deficiency and even dehydration.