Natural Ways to Lighten Skin

There is large variety of better ways to lighten skin. Skin is discolored because of the over production of Melanin. Spots are caused by over exposure to the sun. Other causes can also include hormones.

Following are some of the home remedies to get rid of age spots and for skin lightening:

One can apply Aloe Vera Gel to the skin every morning. Vitamin E oil is available in market, which if applied regularly will reduce the age spots.
Applying Lemon Juice to your skin will lighten the skin. It can be applied once in a week.

As Lemon Juice is acidic in nature, it may cause rashes. If your skin is sensitive to Lemon Juice avoid it. Natural extracts from fruits, herbs and plants will lighten skin tone. A mask of 1 tbsp Sandalwood Paste, Lemon Juice, Tomato Juice, Cucumber Juice, mixed well, and can be applied on your face and rinsed. This will give you natural glow.

One can use orange peelings to remove age spots. It is natural with no side effects. Mix two parts of Apple Cider Vinegar with one part of Orange Juice and apply to your skin. Cut an Onion and rub juice over your age spot.

Rub fresh Garlic directly on your age spot daily in the night. Use Papaya. Mash it and apply it to your face to reduce age spots and to lighten your skin.

The other ways to get rid of age spots and to lighten skin are as follows:
Drink plenty of water daily, it nourishes the skin. Eat plenty of fruits and leafy vegetables. It will remove toxins from body.

Using sun block on a daily basis is the natural way. Use moisturizer that includes a SPF of 15 or higher. It blocks harmful UV rays.

Exfoliating your skin once in a week will remove dead skin and make your skin brighter. Your diet affects the way your skin looks. Avoid sweets, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and junk foods. Vitamins C supplements daily. Use moisturizers.

Sunscreen lotion will prevent tanning.

Stay away from excessive stress and strain. Have a healthy diet, avoid alcohol consumption and smoking.