Obesity And Fertility

Obesity is bad for the health, as well as gives way to several diseases. However it is not good for women either, as they find it more difficult becoming pregnant and also results in miscarriages sometimes. Obese women are likely to develop reproductive related disorders like breast cancer, cervix, ovary and uterus cancer, pregnancy related problems, etc.

There are several cases where women face infertility problems due to their weight. Irregular menstrual cycle and an ovular cycle may be the cause of it. However the exact way of how fertility is affected by obesity is still not well understood. In an obese woman there is a clear insulin mediated hyper stimulation of ovarian steroid production and a reduced sex hormone binding globulin.

Risk of early pregnancy loss is highly associated with obesity. Decreased fertilization, decreased pregnancy rate, higher gonadotropins requirements and impaired response to gonadotropins, are also caused due to obesity. A number of endocrine changes also take place due to obesity. Weight gain affects fertility by resulting in changes in the way the body deals with sugar that increases insulin.

This results in the imbalance of other hormones, thus affecting the proper functioning of the ovaries. Among all, the hormonal changes are the most essential. Frequent anovular cycles and irregular menstrual cycles are usual and thus reduce the rate of fertility.

Weight management approach should be included in the treatment of infertility. Weight management leads to a change in the life style through a proper and balanced diet, moderate exercise, reduction in stress and behavior modification, along with medical approaches when indicated.

By an over all approach toward obesity and reproductive health pre-conceptually, a powerful impact on the patient can be obtained by developing their chances of conceiving and achieving a healthy result. It will also generate the overall health of the patient.

Tips to improve fertility:

One can avoid infertility and obesity by avoiding processed food items. Switching to healthy and balanced diet consisting of whole foods can make the ovaries to function again. If an obese woman loses some weight, whether it’s only five kilograms, than also there is a better chance of increase fertility in her.  With the consult of a physician, a temperate exercise program should be chalked out so as to reduce the complications related to obesity. Walking, swimming, yoga and cycling are good exercises.