Paraphilia – Signs That You Should Know


Paraphilia is a medical term for sexual deviation or sexual perversion. It is associated with great sexual urges and arousal caused by unconventional means like inanimate objects or certain situations.

Paraphilia is a sexual disorder that mainly seen in males, and hence we shall see it in the male perspective. There are 8 common types of paraphilias.

Fetishism: It is sexual arousal caused by inanimate objects. The relatively harmless manifestation of this condition is sexual urges caused by objects like female underwear or other female clothing. The more serious manifestation is when the object substitutes a person and become the sole need for achieving orgasm, mostly by fondling.

Exhibitionism: It is the tendency to expose one’s private parts, mainly genitals in public or to a complete stranger. The action is usually limited to exposure and there are no further manifestations.

Pedophilia: One of the commonly known forms of paraphilia, pedophilia is also potentially dangerous. A pedophiliac is sexually attracted towards children and may force them into sexual activities. It is a chronic condition.

Frotteurism: A person suffering from frotterism experiences great sexual arousal on rubbing his private parts, usually his genitals, against unfamiliar females. The person usually chooses crowded places where the act is harder to detect. This condition usually lasts from adolescence to early 20’s.

Sadism: Sadism is the sexual pleasure derived from harming other people. People with sadism may resort to beatings, rape or other brutal forces to derive sexual pleasure. This condition intensifies over time.

Masochism: Masochism is the reverse of sadism. Here a person gets sexual pleasure by being harmed. A minor manifestation is deriving pleasure from verbal abuse but in severe cases, the person gets himself beaten, burned or stabbed from another person.

Transvestic fetishism: It is when a person derives sexual pleasure by dressing up as a member of the opposite gender. The severity is seen through the extent of the clothing.

Voyeurism: It is when one seeks sexual pleasure by secretly watching others, usually in acts that are sexual in nature. A person may engage in masturbation by watching others or simply limit himself to sexual fantasies.

Most of these conditions are evident since childhood or adolescence. A timely treatment usually helps in curbing these urges to a great extent.