Party Makeup

The party season is in full swing and whenever it is time to party, fun and glamour is an essential part of it. Being the flavor of the party is pretty easy too. You can start the procedure right from your dressing table, by turning your everyday look into a glamorous diva look!

Since party makeup is all about being special and part of a great time, it needs a completely different approach and a dash of adventure to be successful. Choose your dress, footwear and accessories the day before and co-ordinate your look for the big occasion in advance. Styling your hair for a party is different from your regular hairstyle. You can opt for a new and different look by securing fresh flowers, a hair slide or parting it differently for a fresh, new look.

The glamorous and readily available hair highlighters available in the market today make highlighting your hair an easy and hassle free task and are a great topic for conversion too. Go in for a manicure and pedicure without fail. Well groomed hands and legs are a must for any party. If fancy nail colors are not your style, you can opt for a French manicure or clear nail varnish to show off those fashionably shaped nails. Fake eyelashes are great a great hit when talking about party makeup. A double dose of mascara can make up for the lack of these when primped by an eyelash curler and are a magically marvelous way to make heads turn!

Learn a trick or two from friends and colleagues. Like if the eyes are downplayed and kept to a minimum, then the lips can be highlighted for balancing out. Applying foundation on the lips, waiting a minute or two and then applying your favorite lip color is the right way to go. You can use blotting papers or tissues to dab away the excess color and finish off with a touch of glitter, shine or lip gloss. Application of clear and flawless makeup is essential to bring out the best.

Bronze or sheer colors work the best as they offset any color dresses and lights. A very soft dab of rouge on your cheek bones also give you a soft glow. Finish your makeup with color co-ordinated lip colors, eye shadows, related accessories and shoes and you will be a ready hit on the party circuit!

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