pedicurePedicures are a need due to the extra workload on feet and exposure of feet to dust and pollution. Pedicures take care of the feet and toe nails. They comfort feet and improve their appearance.

Basic Pedicure Procedure

The feet should be carefully checked before applying a pedicure, to know the skin and nail condition. Conditions such as athlete’s foot, blisters or thick white skin, fungus around the nails, nail inflammation, warts, eczema and other skin disease prevent a pedicure from being applied. Instead, medical advice should be sought in such circumstances.

Pedicure Material

The following material is required for Pedicure in addition to manicure requirement:

1. Basin (for immersing feet)

2. Nail Cutter

3. Foot Scraper

4. Pumice Stone

5. Oaf Stick

6. Towel

Procedure of Pedicure in detail

1. Take a seat and remove shoes and stockings, if being worn.

2. Immerse feet in basin filled with disinfectant solution for five to seven minutes.

3. If foot cannot be immersed in water then clean feet with soap and disinfectant water. Remove dirt and sweat from feet completely.

4. Remove feet from water and dry with towel.

5. Apply nail remover to remove nail enamel from toe nails.

6. Trim toe nails and smoothen them with file. Give them a gentle curve to prevent nails growing in.

7. Soak feet again in warm water mixed with hydrogen peroxide. This will loosen dirt and soften the skin. Do this for 7 -10 minutes.

8. Clean toe nails using scrubber.

9. Remove hard skin with scraper.

10. Remove feet from water and dry them with towel.

11. Apply cream on nails to soften them.

12. Remove cuticle skin with the use of cuticle pusher and clipper.

13. Massage feet and legs to make pedicure more beneficial.

14. With a hot wipe feet with a hot towel to remove extra cream and ensure that you don’t slip after that.

15. With buffer buff nails while giving strokes in downward manner to make the nails glossy and smooth.

16. Before applying the nail-polish, keep cotton between the toes and then apply nail-polish on the toes similar to that in manicure procedure.

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