Planning Outdoor Birthday Party With Exciting Games

An outdoor birthday party is very exciting for kids. You can plan an outdoor birthday party in a garden, on a beach and even a pool birthday party for your kid can be a great idea.

You can plan outdoor games for kids according to the place that you choose for the party. Also choose games according to the age of the kids invited for the party, for example younger kids would prefer games that are a little exciting and colorful and elder kids would prefer little mature games.

There are a number of outdoor games that you can choose from for an outdoor birthday party. A kid’s birthday is full of fun with the games involved. Make sure you don’t organize a lot of games as the birthday party is scheduled for just 2 to 3 hours.

Choosing 2 to 3 games will be wise as your guests will come in gradually one by one and it will take about ½ an hour to 45 minutes for them to settle down. You would have to cut the birthday cake and serve it, which will also consume time. Your guests would also need some time to taste the lovely food arranged for the party.

Don’t really worry about a birthday party. It does not need to strain you out. Enjoy as you organize your kids birthday party. Arrange for exciting games and nice food and ofcourse a nice place for the party. Choosing an outdoor birthday party can also help you reduce the cleaning part of the house once you are done with the party.

Varieties Of Outdoor Games To Choose From

Hunting For Treasure

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Start with making a list of about 20 to 30 items and make copies of the list. Divide your guests into teams and hand a list to each of the teams. Get the adults involved in the game as well. Each team should include approximately 5 to 6 members. Don’t forget to hand a bag to each team, to put in the collected treasure. The teams get a set time to find the hidden treasure. Set rules for the game. Once every one is done compare items and select the winning team.

 A Perfect Beach Birthday Party Game

Volley ball is a perfect beach game. You can play this game when you have enough guests. All you need is a volley ball and a volley ball net. After you set the net and make the court. You need to divide the kids into two teams. Give instructions of how to play the game to the kids. One of the team will start serving the ball; the ball should fall across the net. The other team must get the ball back three times making sure that the ball does not touch the sand. The team that does not hit the ball loses a point to the other team. The team that gains 20 points first will win the game.

A Dress Up Relay Race

Start with collecting fun clothes for the kids. You need two small bags to accommodate the fun clothing into it. Mark a goal line and the finish line with a marker or a spray paint.

Divide the kids into two teams. The teams will have to choose one player each to run across the lines and get the suitcase. The team needs to help dress the player with the funny mismatched cloths. The player then needs to run across the lines with the empty bag. The team that reaches the finish line first wins the game.

Lemon On The Spoon

This is an amazing outdoor game. All you need to do is arrange a teaspoon for each child and place a lemon on the teaspoon. Draw two lines the start line and the finish line. Ask the kids to hold the spoon in their mouth and placing the lemon on the spoon. The kids need to walk from the start line to the finish without dropping the lemon. The kid that finishes the race first will win the game.

A Perfect Summer Game

Tossing the water balloon is just the right game for a birthday party in summers. This game involves lot of fun with water balloons. Get the kids dressed in swim suits as they might end up getting wet. All you have to do is pair up the kids and make them stand in a line.

Each pair stands at a distance of a couple of feet from each other. Give each pair of kids a water balloon and ask them to pass the balloon back and forth without bursting the balloon.  The child who catches the balloon has to take a step back after each catch. The pair of kids who still have the water balloon unbroken after everyone has broken the balloon wins the game.

These are just a few games that can add fun to an outdoor birthday party, there is much more to add to the list. For example a beach birthday party can include splashing in the waves, digging holes in sand; adults can join in as kids burry mom and dad in the sand, bucket filling relay race and many other games.

A birthday party at a garden also has options to choose from. You can opt for stomping balloons, freeze tags, red light and green light etc to fill the birthday party with joy.

Your motive behind organizing a party is fun for your child on his birthday. Your child will love different and interesting games played on his special day. Choose from the many options available. Don’t do all the arrangements by yourself; take help from your family and friends.

If you end up doing everything by yourself you will get tired and drained out on the day of the occasion, and hence you will be unable to enjoy the fun. To add to the enthusiasm in kids you need to show positive attitude towards the fun activities in the party. Don’t panic and don’t get worried about your child’s birthday party, do it calmly.