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Plus Size Sleepwear For Women

Plus Size Sleepwear For WomenPlus size sleepwear category has for long remained unexplored. But over the past years, many design developments have happened in the plus size sleepwear category and designers have come up with great styles for plus size women who want to look absolutely sensuous in their bedrooms.

Of course sleepwear is not always about being sensuous. One can very well remain modest too, especially if you are in the plus size category. You would still want to cover all those bulges and flab even if you are at home. Finding the right sleepwear is a cakewalk now…

Here are certain styles of sleepwear that would suit plus size women


Of all the sleepwear styles that have been invented, pajamas stole the show with plus size women! From being a modest daywear to a sexy sleepwear, pajamas can undertake various roles with panache. Pajamas are basically short thigh length tops and ankle length pants. They can be as loose as you want and as structured as you prefer.

Generally plus size women prefer loose clothing while they sleep, thanks to all the shape enhancing and push up bras and camisoles they wear during daytime to keep their shapes from falling apart. Pajamas cater to their every need. They can be snug fitting yet very comfortable and roomy inside. The loose fitting pajama pants give plus size women enough reason to rejoice as they can keep their bulges safely packed inside.

Crisp cotton pajamas are the best sleepwear and daywear you would come across for summers. Available in light pastel shades and in cool prints, they can be long, short or with boy shorts to suit your needs. The sleeves too can be tampered with. You can go for sleeveless, spaghetti straps, notched or capped varieties in pajamas. If you love colour, cotton pajama sets will bowl you over with the coolest colours on earth. The many benefits of cotton!

Satin and silk pajamas are good for special occasions. But they are generally good for winter months as they feel good and smooth around the skin. The deep red, purples, burgundy and blues serve well as winter wear for pajamas. While satin pajamas are good for everyday wear, silk ones could be really cumbersome for casual use. The difficulty of hand washing and high maintenance routine could be a burden when you use silk pajamas. Reserve them for racy winter nights.


Robes are great as far as plus size women are concerned. They can be long, short or even crotch length depending on how shapely or shapeless your lower body is. Satin and silk are the most popular fabrics for stitching robes. Long robes look very graceful on plus size women. Since plus size women require more shape around their body, there are many companies that have come up with streamlined varieties with cuts and styles that suit plus sizes.

Long sleeves, darts at the front and back, princess cut, side slits, flap collars, front opening and deep cross V necklines ensure that you look very well in shape. Donning a robe does not mean that you cannot be sexy. Robes can be shorter in length. You also get them in lace varieties which make you feel absolutely sensuous.

Combinations of lace material and silk, satin and silk and cotton and silk can be tried while looking for sexy robes that can pep up your nights. Most of the robes come with belts at the waist line. It is also a wrap style which makes it easy for plus size women of varying sizes to fit the garment around them.

Robes are also available in flannel and wool for the winter months. For wedding nights and honeymoons, you can choose robes with matching panties and stockings. Robes are mostly long sleeved. They can also be worn with pajama bottoms for winter nights.


Gowns are again a great and modest garment for plus sizes. Gowns are ankle length with deep necklines and beautiful cuts. They are more suited for the winter months because of their length. Gowns mostly have a full front opening for easy use. Due to this they are even convenient for expectant mothers who are in the plus size category.

They are very convenient in that you can leave the front buttons on or off depending on your comfort. If you want a gown with a slit, just leave few of the lower front buttons unbuttoned. Gowns for special occasions come with long side slits and elegant lace and satin frills and flounces. Gowns also come with inbuilt bra support which is sometimes necessary for plus size women who have a heavy bust line.

Gowns are available in cotton, silk, nylon, lace and combination fabrics. Depending on usage and the season, you can choose the best one that fits your body and comfort.

Camisoles and Chemises

A camisole or chemise is better suited for plus size women who are shapely all over even if they are plus size. This is because a camisole and chemise are fitted garments that are designed to show off your curves rather than flab. They give good support to the breast as they are mostly designed with inbuilt bras and wire support.

Camisoles can be short or long depending on your convenience. A chemise however is always long till waist length or hip length, covering your midriff. They come in a variety of materials like silk, satin, spandex and nylon varieties. While the cotton ones are very comfortable, the satin and silk can be used during special days. Satin and nylon are good also for everyday use.

Plus size for older women

Plus size category is great for women who are middle aged. They could be dealing with hot flashes and menopause issues as they grow old. These women require relaxation and comfort from these symptoms while they sleep at night. Pajamas are perfect for their woes. They are loose for letting in air and also can be tailored to specific requirements.

If ankle length pajamas are too hot for older women, they can go for Capri styles and shorts. Moisture wicking pajamas are specially formulated by many companies for older women. This will effectively absorb their night sweats and give them uninterrupted sleep during nights. Robes and gowns too take care of their woes effectively.

Older women can opt for silk and satin versions of sleepwear if they want to feel young and sensuous. You can go for sleepwear with beautiful lace detailing and maybe lace sleepwear if you want to look stunning.

Sleepwear is a must have in every woman’s wardrobe. Stock up your wardrobe with a good variety and ensure that you get the best styles from sales for using the whole year through.

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