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Pregnancy And The Weeks Of Development: Week Seven

Pregnancy and the Weeks of Development: Week SevenAs your pregnancy progresses, your body would start undergoing a number of changes to accommodate the new life growing inside you. Your baby would also undergo different stages of development during these weeks and although you would not be able to see these changes, you would be able to feel them.

The 7th week of pregnancy is a crucial stage for both the mother and the baby. While the mother would be battling the symptoms of pregnancy and striving to stay nutritious and healthy in the process, the baby would start developing vital organs and putting on weight. Here’s some insight into what you can expect on your 7th week of pregnancy.

Pregnancy And The Weeks Of Development: Week Seven

Your Body

By the 7 th week, the baby would be well into the development phase and you would probably start noticing the symptoms of the same. Although you won’t be able to notice the baby bump, you would start experiencing the symptoms that are usually experienced by women in their first stage of pregnancy.

Accordingly, your body would start producing more hormones at this stage to adapt to the new life inside it. And this would start showing out in the form of conditions like fatigue, breast tenderness (including appearance of veins on the breasts and increased sensitivity in the same), morning sickness,   dizziness (due to vasodilatation), frequent mood swings, headaches, increased vaginal discharge, constipation, muscle cramps, irritability, itching and the frequent urge to urinate etc.

Your baby

The 7th week would be the time around when the major developmental phase starts for your baby. In addition to the development of vital organs and internal systems, your baby would start developing physical features and start to look like an actual baby.

The Head:

As the 7th week starts, the neural tube that was closed at the head (during week 6) would develop further and form the initial portion of the brain. As the week progresses, the brain would split into different chambers and regions and become more defined.

As the brain develops, the baby’s head would become rounder and is pushed forward to attain the required shape. Eyes and ears develop on the sides of the head and look like little holes or pits. By the end of week 7 the mouth and nasal cavity would also have formed, thus giving a definition to the baby’s face.

Pregnancy and the Weeks of Development: Week Seven

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The Heart:

By week 7, the baby’s heart would have begun to develop valves and chambers. The heart would have started beating and circulating blood to the other areas of the developing body. Nerves begin to grow all over the body and the lungs start to develop.

In addition to this, other essential glands and organs, including the reproductive system start to develop. The baby would also begin to develop a well defined digestive system which would divide to form the stomach, esophagus and the small intestine.

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The Arms And Legs:

Small limbs would start sprouting from the sides of the body at the start of week 7. As the week progresses, the limbs develop into hands and arms. Digital plates/ridges appear on the hands to signify developing fingers and toes. The shoulders start to take shape. The entire body also starts to develop a very thin layer of skin which hardens during the next few weeks.

Baby Size:

It is estimated that by the end of the 7th week, a normal baby’s size would be about 0.44 to 0.52 inches. This would be in stark contrast to the size of .16 to .2 inches at the start of the week. This signifies how quickly the baby grows during this period. It also lays emphasis on the mother to take extra precautions to be healthy and active at this stage so that the developing baby would not face any hindrances while growing.

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