Problems & Solutions For Room Decor

decorating-a-big-long-roomDecorating your room is not as easy as it sounds. You may have seen a well-decorated room in a home decoration magazine; however, it is not easy to make it a reality because the way your house is designed/ constructed, and also the room measurements, are totally different from that shown in the magazine.

It is also possible that yours is a rented apartment wherein the landlord will allow no major modification.  In this article, the commonly faced problems and also their possible solutions are listed.

1. Room that is very long

• To deal with the décor of a room that is long, you must divide the room into two by providing partitions such as screens or room dividers; this will enable you to use these areas for studying, living, dining, personal gym, or entertainment.

• To give a balanced appearance to the room, you must use dark, warm colors on walls that are short.

• Areas can also be separated by using area rugs that are different.

2. Room with low Ceiling

• To ensure that the room looks tall, drape long curtains from the top of a door/window down to the floor level.

• The ceiling has to be painted in a cool, light color to add light and make the ceiling recede.

• Use tall floor lamps that are not only good, but also make the room appear tall.

• The addition of tall and vertical cabinets and bookcases increases the perceived height of a room.

3. Room that is Narrow

• Keep shelves, rugs or art pieces on walls that are short, so the room looks wider.

• Arrange the furniture diagonally; this will look better.

• Paint the longer walls in light, cool colors to give a receding appearance.

4. Room that is Tall

• Shelves placed horizontally, art pieces and crown moulding decrease the perceived room height.

• Use dark, warm colors for ceilings in these rooms.

• Give a visual illusion by installing chair rails or moulding.

5. Room that is very Big

• Your room will look cozy and friendly if you use dark, warm colors on the walls.

• Make more than one seating arrangement by grouping furniture pieces.

• Just like in large room, you must divide the big room into two by providing partitions, such as screens or room dividers, and use the areas for different purposes.