Proper Way To Wash Your Hair

Washing hair is a common practice that all of us follow every day. We can never be wrong in doing a thing that we are doing from ages but actually all of us can be wrong.

We can be wrong if we are washing them in a wrong way. Washing hair with right way can prevent sixty percent of hair damage. No matter how healthy, dull, strong, weak, good and bad hair you have one should follow a proper hair washing procedure.

First of all entangle your hair before washing them. Comb your hair well with a wide toothed comb before you wet them. This will prevent your hair from breakage during the wash. Brushing is very important as you will notice less amount of hair in shower drain. After brushing your hair well wet them with warm water in order to wash of all dirt and oil.

While applying shampoos all of us commonly make a mistake of pouring a large amount in the palm and applying it. According to the dermatologists you need to use required amount of shampoo for wash as larger amount of chemicals can harm the scalp.

The other most important thing to notice is the steps of washing your hair. Generally all of us have tendency of rubbing our hair while washing. We commonly do mistakes of rubbing hard and massaging hair badly in order to clean them; it is not correct.

We should wash our hair with circular gentle movements of fingers. Lightly massage the shampoo all over scalp and hair and leave it for few minutes to contact the dirt. After keeping the shampoo for 4 to 5 minutes rinse your hair well with water.

We generally wash our hair in a rush for only once. Actually one should repeat the process of washing hair for better results. We wash for the first time to wash out all dirt and oil from hair and for the second time to treat your hair with the qualities of the shampoo. After shampoo, rinse your hair well with normal water until they are completely clean. It is very important to rinse out all dirt, oil, and shampoo froth out of your locks.

Washing hair can largely improve the looks of your hair if done right way. One can get clean, bouncy, shiny and healthy hair every time by following the simple steps for washing hair.

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