Reasons For Heartburn In Early Pregnancy

Heartburn During PregnancyHeartburn in early pregnancy can occur because of an array of reasons. Even if you have not suffered from this condition ever before, it can affect you as soon as you get pregnant. Some common symptoms that indicate this condition may include voice hoarseness, sore throat, abdominal discomfort, regurgitation of stomach contents and burning sensation in the chest.

You may also experience excessive gas or may feel bloated or full because of heartburn. In general, no testing or particular treatment is required because it is a normal symptom during pregnancy. But, besides suggesting you to take certain preventive measures (such as, adjustments to your diet plan and sleep postures), your doctor may also prescribe certain medications to relieve the condition. Following is a brief rundown on some of the most common reasons for heartburn in early pregnancy.

How to Detect Heartburn In Early Pregnancy

The Types Of Foods You Eat

The type of foods you are eating during pregnancy matter a lot. It is very important for you to understand that certain foods can trigger heartburn more than others. Such foods may include fried items, fried items, garlic, onions and spicy foods.

Heartburn During Pregnancy

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Even if these foods never caused any problem to you before pregnancy, now that you are pregnant and lots of hormonal changes are taking place in your body, it can cause heartburn even during the very early stages of pregnancy.

The Relaxin Hormone

There is a hormone called Relaxin in your body that starts increasing once you get pregnant. It is an important process in pregnancy because the increase in this hormone makes your hips more relaxed, which eventually makes it convenient for your baby to drop into the birth canal.

During the first couple of weeks after getting pregnant, the increase in this hormone may have its effects on esophagus and may make the sphincter muscle on it less active. It is important to note that it is this sphincter muscle that prevents the content in your stomach to flow back up the chest. Now that it is less active, the food content in your stomach may start flowing back to your chest, which means you will be suffering from heartburn.

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Slower Digestive Process

Heartburn during early pregnancy is mainly caused because of hormonal changes in your body. For example, the level of progesterone also starts rising when you get pregnant and it keeps on rising throughout the nine months. It is very much likely to slow down the process of digestion in your body.

It means whatever you eat will stay in your stomach for a much longer time than usual, and therefore the chances of those food contents going back up the esophagus are very high, which eventually results in heartburn. Here, it is very important for you to keep in mind that slowed digestive process may also trigger constipation.

However, heartburn does not occur only during early pregnancy, it may hit you again during the late stages of pregnancy. It happens because of the weight of the baby, which puts pressure on your stomach and thus may force the food contents to go up the chest by making the esophageal sphincter less active.

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