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Remedies For Oily Hair

oily-hairHair that is oily always has an unpleasant feel or appearance. It is naturally influenced by contaminated milieu. Thus, the hair requires the care of cleanliness frequently.

Your hair should be covered when it is exposed to sun especially if it is oily. Avoid washing it everyday since this can irritate the oil glands and cause you further problems.

Always try to condition the ends or the middle of your hair without using it at roots. Daily intake of food plays a major role in this regard. Refrain from eating dairy and fried victuals. Eating leafy and green vegetables, fresh fruits, salads and drinking sufficient quantity of water would be helpful.

The following emulsion would work as home remedies.

Water and Almond oil application: Add one teaspoonful of almond oil to half cup of water. Apply, massage your hair. After half an hour take a shower with shampoo and wash it off. It is important to massage with water and almond oil mixture. Avoid applying the oil alone.

Vinegar and lime rinse: Add Vinegar three tablespoons and Lemon Juice of a lemon to one cup warm water. Mix it well. Tenderly massage your scalp and hair with the emulsion. Wash it off after half an hour.

Cologne rub: Take water and cologne the same in quantity and blend it. You can use any kind of cologne for this. Part your hair and rub the assortment with the help of a cotton wool. Apply this mixture on your hair. Rinse off your hair.

Vinegar and apple rinse: Grate an apple and pour half cup of vinegar into it and mix it well. Liberally apply it over the length of hair and entire scalp. Clean the hair thoroughly after 20 minutes.

Tea rinse: In order to use a tea rinse, boil tea leaves in water and add juice of a lemon into it. While having the bath apply this emulsion after you shampoo your hair. After 20 minutes wash it off and clean it utterly.

Baking soda rinse: Your hair gathers filth and dust very easily and rapidly. Apart from that it also collects the amount of conditioner and shampoo up to a certain extent. This changes the alkaline levels or ph levels and convert your shiny hair to limp and oily. To avoid this you can use this rebuilding application.

Mix 4 tablespoon cider vinegar with one tablespoon baking soda and rub it into your entire scalp. Wash your hair with shampoo after five or seven minutes. This gives an energetic and bouncy look to your hair.

The above remedies will rejuvenate your oily hair and make them look healthy and shiny.

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