Save Your Dying Relationship

All love relationships go through rocky period when either of the partners or both don’t feel compelled to carry it on any longer.

If things between you and your partner too haven’t been going all hunky-dory since late and your so called dream relationship which you once thought was ever lasting is on the brink of fading forever, it can be a real tough time for you if you want to make things work out somehow. If you are really in love with your partner and willing to take efforts to save your relationship, this article might help you a great deal.

Reasons For Breakup

Before I acquaint you with the real steps to follow in order to save your seething love story, it is important to know exactly as to what reasons make people part their ways in spite of the fact that they spend years and years together in a relationship. When attraction between a couple is more than forces that hinder the relationship, be they family, religion, individual differences, lack of communication, stress, work pressure or whatever.; the relationship goes on smoothly without many speed breakers.

However, the moment this attraction reduces, even a slight problem is reason enough to break the bond. So, now you know exactly that the major pre-requisite that can be of any help to you is mutual attraction between you and your partner. Also, attraction between two people is not merely physical but intellectual as well as emotional.

Dos And Don’ts To Prevent Your Breakup

Keeps The Spark Of Love Burning:

It is generally seen that relationships begin to grow monotonous and tedious as time passes by. It is when partners begin to take each other for granted, does their relationship begin to lose the same charm that the couple felt in the beginning. Remember that a relationship is like a tree that never stops growing. It requires continuous nourishment in the form of effort you put into it to keep it ever-beautiful and young. It might get shaken sometimes due to a windy weather but it should have strength enough to stand by thick or thin. For this you must always make efforts to keep the spark of love burningbetween the two of you.

Keep reminding your loved one how special he/she is in your life every now and then. Also, you should never stop flirting with them, teasing them, whispering sweet nothings in their ears, smiling at them with love, communicating by making direct eye contact to keep them drowned in your eyes and laughing at their jokes as much as possible.

Pamper Them:

It is important to give physical signals of intimacy to each other to build a healthy loving relationship. Touch them or hug them gently so that they feel loved, take care of their schedules, their food, their clothes and their other needs. Small signs of letting them know that you care helps build warmth into any relation. Also, showering compliments on each other occasionally lets them know that you like them which make them comfortable, confident and happier in your presence.

Talk Out Your Differences: 

The most dangerous factor that can hamper any bond howsoever strong is communication gap. Never ever try to keep grudges against each other in your heart. If you don’t like something, make it a point to have a sensible and understanding discussion about your problem such that both the partners have equal right to give their frank opinions.

Avoid saying unpleasant things but if you must, tell them gently such that it doesn’t hurt the other person. Try to seek out things by mutual concord not by forceful authority. Your approach should be open- minded and you’ll realize that there are no such differences that you can’t do away by talking reasonably.

Give Them Time:

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Differences arise if you can’t give them enough time. Giving your time is the biggest gift that you can give anybody because if you give somebody your time you are giving them a part of your life and your partner is certainly one of the most beautiful person to shower this gift on. But, a relationship is not the only thing to live for. Both the partners should understand that each of you have a life other than the one you share with each other.

Remember that giving each other quality time will compensate and be more fruitful than quantity time. Further, both the partners should understand each other’s needs and priorities of time. But, if you still can’t give them enough quality time, it is your mistake if the relationship doesn’t work, not your partner’s.

Maintain Your Respect: 

Don’t comply with unreasonable things they do to you. If you try to please them no matter howsoever abusive, irritating and whimsical they might be, they will never know your worth. Don’t accept unreasonable things. Let them know your displeasure and that you will not take things beyond a limit. If your partner starts taking you too much for granted, he or she will stop respecting you and your breakup is imminent. Understand that that nobody likes to get serious for a partner who cannot win their respect.

Don’t Ask For Sympathy:

Don’t try to get them back by appealing to their sympathy. At once they might agree to sacrifice their life for you if they are very emotional, but eventually they’ll leave you if they don’t feel love for you.

Don’t Use Logic But Love: 

Howsoever strong your logic is, if your partner is not in love with you he/ she will eventually get tired of your logic. So, the way is to get them back is love and only love not any logic.

Don’t Be Desperate: 

Never beg them desperately to come back in your life. If you do that, they’ll avoid you. Finally, if you fail in spite of all your efforts, then perhaps the person you are trying to make yours is not really meant for you in the first place. Probably, it’s time to let them go and move forward. Who knows if this failure calls for a much bigger success?

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