Sex After Pregnancy

sex-after-pregnancyOnce your baby arrives, the last thing on your mind is a roll in the hay. Your body is tired and the only thing that you want to do during quiet time is sleep. But, after a little bit of time goes by, you are going to start thinking about a little quiet time with your other half.

Once you start to think of possible sex, you may also start to think of other things as well. This could include the possibility of getting pregnant again so soon. If you are breastfeeding, you should use condoms. If you were using a diaphragm before you conceived, be sure to check with your doctor before using it, since your weight has fluctuated during your pregnancy and delivery.

If you want to go on the pill as your form of birth control, be sure that you are finished with breastfeeding before starting this method. You could also consider using an IUD, which would be inserted before your period begins.

There are other things that could be in the back of your mind as well that could be worrying you when it comes to having sex. Maybe you are concerned about getting aroused or if your body will naturally lubricate itself after all that it has been through. There is no need to worry; if you had a great sex life before the pregnancy, your body will get right back into action.

You could also be worried that your husband won’t find your body attractive since you are not back in shape yet. Don’t worry, that is natural for you to feel this way. Once you let your husband know that you are ready to finally give him some much needed attention, he will think that you are the most attractive woman in the world. You are the mother of his child. That is the sexiest thing ever.

Think about how great it was before the baby. It will be just as great, if not better, now that you are parents. If you let yourself get tense, your body won’t relax and you won’t enjoy it. Sit back and enjoy the ride.