Side Effects of Hair Straightening at Home

It is strange but hair styling causes 90% of hair loss. Straightening is a part of fashion and any women who likes groomed and neat look generally goes for straight hair style.

However, ugly truth is that hair are susceptible to the heat and chemicals which are used during the hair straightening. It is essential to know about the potential damage that occurs to hair when it is straightened. Women do hair straightening either at home or from salon. Temporary straightening requires to be done regularly which means that damage is even more.

The effects of gels, sprays and heat appliance used during hair straightening makes the hair dry out from the roots and ends which promotes brittleness in hair and lack of nutrition. This further causes problems like split ends and allergies.

Hair burning is natural when you use heat appliance which robs the hair of its natural texture. The best thing to do is to prefer blow dryer as it at least does not come in contact with hair. While styling, keep it 10 cm away from the hair at least. Try to use the hair straightening appliances occasionally only. Before beginning with the process, make sure that your hair are washed and conditioned as conditioner would provide a shield of protection to the hair.

Iron gently and do not keep the iron in one section of hair for a long time. Run through the hair for just 2 to 3 times and end the process. If the hair do not settle, just make use of hair spray over scalp and they would settle down. The hair cuticle gets damaged when styling is done over wet hair so allow your hair to dry down naturally and then style them down.

It is advisable to get straightening done from salon as results are never satisfactory when done at home. At home, you get encouraged to over iron hair which is highly non-recommended. To take care of damaged hair, visit salon for hair spa and use hair repair mask twice in a month as well. This would keep the damage minimal.

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