Six Reasons Why Women Should Wear Cotton Panties

Six Reasons Why Women Should Wear Cotton PantiesWearing sexy and stylish lingerie is a fad today. Markets are flooded with those chic, trendy and lace-frilled designs in silks and satins that are high in glam-quotient. But as far as comfort-quotient is concerned, no fabric can beat cotton.

There are many plus points that are linked with a cotton undergarment, especially panties, and make it a preferable choice for women.

Why Cotton


Those who have the nasty experience of developing rashes after using some synthetic underwear stuff must agree that nothing makes them more comfortable than light-weight cotton. It protects the skin from developing allergic reactions like redness, swelling, and itching.

If being an asthmatic does not allow you to wear silky stuff, go for cotton. Not only this, cotton panties are also resistant to dust mite, thus saving you from all the hypoallergies caused by them. So, no need to get distracted by the discomfort while you are out or at work.

Damp-Free Experience:

Keep that damp feeling brought about by summer sweat at bay by wearing cotton panties. The excellent moisture absorbing properties of the cotton make you feel comfortable all the time. This fabric soaks itself in dampness and allows the excess water to get evaporated.

It is very unlike the silky ones that can’t retain water; make it seep through only to moist your outer clothes. Nothing works so well as a cotton undergarment in humid climatic conditions.

Breathable Quality:

Another reason why should women prefer cotton panties comes from the breathable nature of this fabric. It allows the air to seep in and seep out freely; this free flow of air circulation hampers the growth of fungus over cloth, so typical of laced lingerie.

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If you find cotton a bit unglamorous, then go for those sleek designs that are frilled at sides but have cotton at the base touching vaginal part.

Durability Factor:

Cotton’s tensile strength is much more as compared to other fabrics. The cotton panties are not going to get cracked or damaged even after repeated washing. Wash them in hot or cold water; they can even stand harsh detergents.

Chemical Sans Processing:

The silk and linen panties are exposed to an array of bleaching agents before gracing your bodies. Many of the chemicals create itching sensations and are not suited for delicate vaginal skin. On the other hand, cotton panties are free from any such exposure and hence are more suitable for you.

The Question Of PH:

If you have a little bit of idea what pH is, you will understand what we are going to talk about now. Washing of fabric raises its pH level to about 9 while our skin maintains a pH level of about 5.5.

The dyes present in silky smooth lingerie hamper the ability of skin to bring back the acidic/alkaline levels back to the optimum. But this is not the case with cotton underwear as it is completely free of any dyes or chemicals. Next time you have that ‘too hot to bear’ kind of feeling inside your silky smooth undergarment, try switching to cotton one.

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