Skin Care Tips for Winter

The skin becomes very rough, dry and lifeless in the winter months. The main problems seen during this time are cracked heels, chapped lips, rough hands, and an extremely dry skin to name some. Therefore a proper skin care ritual is needed for this season to keep the skin soft and beautiful.

The skin needs more water during this winter as the body becomes dehydrated due to less intake of water. Plenty of water has to be consumed daily. Herbal teas are also useful in this case. Fresh fruits and vegetables have to be included in the diet. These will help to replenish the lost moisture of the skin.

It is beneficial to apply coconut oil on the hands and feet before taking a bath. This will moisturise the dry skin. Some herbal oils like jojoba or sweet almond oil can also be added to the bath tub. This will help to deal with the skin dryness and also make one feel fresh the entire day. Very hot water should not be used for bathing as it tends to make the skin dry. After bathing a moisturiser has to be applied on the whole body.

It is necessary to gently exfoliate the skin once every week to get rid of dead cells and keep the skin clean.

One should never forget to apply sunscreen before stepping outside the house. It is good to apply sunscreens that are oil based to nourish the rough skin.

It is not good to use soap during this season. Any soapless hydrating cleanser can be used instead. For deep cleansing, milk can be used as it is natural and does not cause any harm to the skin. Alcohol based skin care products should be discarded as they make the skin dry and sensitive.

A face pack can be prepared at home that is very beneficial for making the skin soft and supple. Some fresh cream has to be mixed with a mashed banana. This paste has to be applied on the face for 30 minutes and then washed off. It will help to moisturise the skin.

A very common problem of winter is chapped lips. Therefore lip balm has to be used several times a day. Some butter can also be applied on the lips as it acts as a natural lip balm.