Slow Down The Onset of Greying Hair

It is a fact that people who are disposed to having luxuriant hair in their youth are more likely to suffer from premature greying of the hair and hair loss as they age.

Similarly, those who have less dense hair growth are not likely to see a significant difference as they get older, and early greying is less likely.

Unfortunately, once hair has gone gray there is no easy solution to bring it back to its previous state of health. The greying can only be disguised with hair colorants and dyes; it cannot be cured. Determining factors are largely genetic and many people will have a predisposition to early greying, while others will be luckier. There are however preventive measures, which if implemented early enough can slow down the process of going gray.

Hair Care:

Hair should not be washed too often as this increases hair fall and strips the natural oils from the hair. Twice a week is usually sufficient. Conditioner is recommended to untangle and moisturise the hair.

Hair brushing and combing should be done gently so as not to cause breakage. The best method is to start at the tips, slowly working back towards the roots and if necessary, use a wide tooth comb before using a fine one.

Hair Protection:

Avoid harsh sunlight, harsh weather conditions and polluted air by keeping hair covered by a hat or scarf. Also protect your hair from chlorine in swimming pools with a waterproof swimming cap or hair oil.

Hair Nourishment:

Hair oils filter out harmful environmental elements that damage the hair and instead offer a deep conditioning treatment. Apply lightly warmed hair oil such as Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Amla Oil, or Olive Oil to the length of your hair from the roots to the tips and massage into the scalp with circular motions.

Regular massage increases blood flow to the scalp and stimulates hair growth. Leave the oil in overnight, washing the hair thoroughly the following morning. Commercial hair oil preparations are not usually superior to natural plant oils and should be avoided.

With these simple preventative measures, your hair will stay thick and shiny for long, and chances of premature greying would also decrease.

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