Small Garden Design

It is very easy to set up a garden when you have the luxury of a lot of space. However, garden space will not always be large and satisfying according to your wish and at times, you might as well have to adjust with the existing small space as well.

What is disheartening is that most gardening tips and advice to set up a proper garden are projected towards a bigger garden and it really becomes impossible to get hold of proper tips concerning the small garden designs.

However, there are necessarily many limitations and restrictions concerning your small garden space, but still you have the option of using that small limited patch in whichever way you want.

Finding ways to design the garden attractively and creatively will require a bit of logical ideation and measurements. Of course, you can never ignore the criteria of utility, as you do not have the luxury of space laid out in front of you.

When you have so many drawbacks while working with the small garden model, you still have many positive things to look forward to as well. Less space will always work best with fewer plants and that will definitely help you take good care of each respectively in a more sincere way.

The wise thing to do will be to utilize most of the area by planting flower plants. You can select one or two easy growing vegetable plant according to the space available, to compliment the garden well. it is always better to stick to easy growing seasonal varieties of plant to be able to grow something different each time.

If you are unable to understand how to divide the small space into compartments so as to hold the various plants. Do not panic; just make sure you fill up the garden with as much color and variation as possible by planting flowering plants. While on the other hand let, the vegetables take the farthest side of the garden. This way they well stay protected and will never come in the way of the others.

The most important part of a small garden is the maintenance. Indeed, you will have to think consciously and plan the garden in such a way that you have enough walking space available.