Solution for Falling Hair – Easy and Effective!

Hair fall is anyone’s nightmare, be it boy or girl. Unfortunately we always tend to blame our shampoo or other hair care product for this problem, where as there could be other reasons for hair loss.

Work load, tension, not eating a proper diet, using too much chemicals – all of this can cause hair fall. But if there is a problem, there is a solution. There are ways you can prevent hair loss.

Apply henna at least twice a month. That will not just work as a natural dye, but at the same time will strengthen the roots of the hair. And the end result is less hair fall.

Make sure you shampoo your hair regularly. That will keep your scalp clean. Many times, one loses hair because the scalp is not clean. Using shampoo regularly will prevent that from happening.

What you eat also affects your hair as well. Make sure you eat a balanced diet that means lots of fruits and vegetables. At the same time, drink a good amount of water daily.

Use a good conditioner at least twice a week. That will prevent your hair from getting too dry and breaking. After applying the conditioner, rinse it off properly. Make sure no residue is left in your hair.

I know we all love to experiment with hair, but that can have adverse effect on the hair. Make sure you do not use too much chemical on your hair such as color, gel etc. At the same time, try to air dry your hair instead of blow drying it. The heat makes the hair dry.

Oil is like magic potion for hair. You can use Olive Oil, Almond Oil or Coconut Oil. For better results, you can take any of the oils and mix a bit of Castor Oil with it, and apply it on your scalp as well as your hair. Keep it for an hour and then wash it off.

Egg is also good for hair. You can whip an egg, and apply it on your scalp and hair. Keep it for 40 minutes and then wash it. Even though it smells terrible, but it is worth it.

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