Some Activities That Mother And Son Can Enjoy Together

Conventionally, it is thought that daughters gel well with their moms, while sons are open more with their father. Though with changing times, and families becoming smaller the things have changed. 

With families becoming as small as comprising three members, a son spends more time with his mom, which means this builds a strong emotional bond with his mother. It is seen, even if the son shares a strong emotional bond with his mother chances are he would become a stranger to his mom once he is an adolescent because, during that phase a son feels, he can’t express his emotions and feelings, and changes that he is going through, with his mom.

Therefore, it is necessary that a mother takes enough steps from the beginning that her son shares such a strong bond with her, that he feels free to tell her everything, even when he grows up. Now the question arises how can you build a strong bond with your kid? Well it’s easy, any relationship demands time, if you will give him time, things would follow on its own.

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Find Your Common Intrests

While you start spending time with your son, the next thing that you should start wondering about is to how to make the most of the time spent with your little one. For this it is very necessary that you find out, what it that interests your child.There are so many activities that you would love to get engaged in with your son.You only need to find out what it is.

Indoor Activities

Depending upon how old your son is, you can participate in several activities with him.For instance, if your son is just a toddler he might like playing with toys, you will have to learn to enjoy even that with him. You can also try and make him learn how to draw; this would not only interest him and keep him busy, but will also be a learning experience for him.

If your son lies in the age group of 9-12 yrs, then chances are he just might like to drown himself in video games, which leaves you with only option that you too start playing video games with him. It might appear alien to you in beginning but you will be surprised, how within some time, you will begin to enjoy all of this.

Outdoor Activities

A boy as it is likes the outdoor activities a lot. If your son isn’t very fond of the indoor activities then you should take him out for some outdoor fun activities. You can play Frisbee, baseball or even cricket with him. If beaches are his idea of fun, then you both might enjoy playing volleyball as well.

No matter what is the activity that you are participating in with your son, you should never forget that the most important thing is, that you both maintain a bond and talk your heart out to each other.It helps is building a very solid base for the relationship and it is very beneficial in the long run.