Some Tips for Applying Makeup

Natural beauty is what people want to have. But the truth of the matter is that nature in itself must be tamed and trimmed to be beautiful. In today’s beauty conscious world, nothing beautiful should be considered as by nature. It takes makeup to arrive at appealing beauty.

Most of the celebrities we see on screen and splashing on front pages are like that due to the makeup they apply. But the problem will be is how to use makeup. Below are some tips for applying makeup.If you want to have a natural smoky look, smudge your eyeliner pencil in tiny circular motions. This does not depend on the color of your pencil.

Before you start applying makeup, give yourself a start with some ice cubes pressed on your skin. This will give you the finish of a natural glow.Begin always with the base. Whether it is the brows, eyes or lips this is very important. Start from the bottom and move to the top.

When the pencil is bold, don’t use it for anything. There are two reasons why you should always sharpen your pencil. The first one is that bacteria could build on the pencil and sharpening it before use gets it off.

The second reason is that bold pencils will not give you any natural definitions of the finish look. If you have to use a bold pencil for any reason, then run it first through hot water. This will give a deeper or a smudgy look.

If you want accentuated lips, begin with pencil. Continue with lipstick and if needed lip gloss, then pencil again. Blot lips and the lipstick again.Before you pluck the brows, comb them upwards. Do the same before tweezing the bottom line. Then you can comb downwards.

For a perfect finish, use lose powder to soften your look. You can then spray some hairspray into the air and walk into it for make up to stay longer.Never sleep with makeup on. Wash your face with water before going to bed.

Don’t apply the shimmery powders and rich lipsticks on casual days. Just some gloss will do. Deepen your colors and use rich moisturizing lipstick instead of gloss for an evening outing.

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