Sound Make Up Tips

makeuptipsIt’s always best to take advice from experts. The first step towards a successful beauty regime is healthy skin.

Moisturizing, toning, and cleansing are a must when preparing to apply makeup. Think of a painter preparing his or her canvases.

After your skin is nurtured and ready, you may proceed to apply foundation: you can use a liquid foundation or compact, whatever suits your taste and needs. Remember to choose the shade of foundation according to your natural skin tone. A mismatch can result in odd-looking makeup instead of a natural smooth texture.

Foundation is the base in which your makeup will be applied; it also helps you hide spots and blemishes, giving your skin a perfectly healthy appearance and an extra glow.

You can also hide those little imperfections with the use of a concealer: using a brush or your fingertips, this product will be your best friend when you have a special occasion and you want a look your best.

The skin around the eyes is often neglected and not as cared for as the rest of the face. Remember to cleanse and moisturize this area with special products.

These products are specially designed to care for this area, which is a little more delicate than the rest. They are also meant to help you avoid line expressions and eye bags. Treat this area gently, applying the product according to the directions. Never rub or stretch skin, this will only cause irritation and wrinkles in the long run.

Your makeup palette is a personal choice often based on age, occupation, and event. Adult women prefer discreet and sober shades while youngsters go wild with bright and fresh colors! There are many options when it comes to the presentation of makeup products.

Eye shadows can be purchased in liquid or powder form while eyeliners can be used in a pencil presentation for thicker more dramatic frames or liquid for thinner more classical looks. Let’s not leave out two coats of mascara, which are essential for complete eye makeup.

Lips are the most versatile when it comes to colors and presentation. You can go from a transparent moisturizing cherry flavored lip-gloss, to an intense and rich red lipstick. Traditionally, women match the color of their lips to the outfit, but you can also experiment and make your makeup a statement.

You can use lip liner to add definition to a plump lip or volume to a thin lip. Here you will find out how to achieve different looks with the aid of simple makeup instruments! Remember to take care of your lips by wearing lip balm with sunscreen.

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