Step Aerobics

step-aerobicsStep aerobics is a fun new way to work your way to a new, fit body.  Step aerobics sets itself apart from regular aerobics by incorporating a step.  It’s like performing dance moves and routines with the addition of a step or two for added difficulty.  Step aerobics classes are a fixture at many gyms and health clubs.

Participants of any age, ability and fitness level can participate and the moves can be modified to make them more intense or easier.  This form of aerobics conditions the entire body by keeping it in motion with a combination of cardiovascular activities and resistance work.  See what makes step aerobics so popular by reading this article.

Step aerobics is easy to do.  It does not require a great amount of strength or agility.  The hardest part is learning the moves but once you do, you will move through the routine with ease.  It’s a great introduction into an exercise lifestyle.

Step aerobics burns calories by raising your heart rate through levels of low intensity and high intensity movements.  Because there is constant motion and your arms and feet are always moving, your metabolic rate is kicked up a notch and does not slow down until the cool down exercises.  Step aerobics burns as many calories as running, walking or bike riding but it is more interactive and enjoyable.

This form of exercise can improve your overall physical and mental health.  From the moment you begin to step, you can feel the excitement in your body.  As you become more experienced, your body’s strength, stamina and agility will improve.  Plus, step aerobics is great for relieving mental tension.  The fun, high energy dance moves release endorphins from your brain which is the body’s natural way of causing elation.

It does not cost much to participate in step aerobics; just a good pair of cushioned gym shoes.  Your fitness facility will more than likely provide the platforms for you to use.  If you do step aerobics at home, you just need a good DVD and one step platform which can be put away in a closet or under the bed.

Step aerobics is beneficial for people from all age groups.  Both young and old can benefit from step aerobics.  Your fitness facility may even have step programs designed for specific age groups.

There are so many wonderful benefits to step aerobics.  From good mental and physical health to body toning and conditioning, step aerobics is a fun, new way to dance yourself into shape.