Steps To Steps To Lose Weight For Women Above 50

Fitness for women above the age of 50 is necessary as they are prone to arthritis, back aches and many other health related issues. If they are fit, then there are bright chances to avoid anti aging medication. Given below are fitness tips for women above 50 years of age to lose weight and to avoid anti aging medication.

It is rare to see fitness in woman above 50 as they are not serious about their nutritional intake. They should be cautious about their nutritional needs, because their bones start shedding calcium from the age of 30. This automatically results in significant loss of minerals after 50 years of age. Women to be fit at 50 should take 1200 milligrams of calcium every day. This will ensure that their bones are strong enough and they will not get into any problems related to aging. If your food intake does not have this amount of calcium then it is recommended to go for calcium supplements.

If you take food that is rich in fiber, then you need not follow any diet plan for weight loss. Food rich in fiber helps in lowering the level of cholesterol. It also helps in preventing colon cancer. Women are advised to take at least 10gms of fiber everyday as it helps in cutting down the chances of chronic heart diseases and at the same time help them in weight lose. Acai berry is a magical fruit that does wonder in weight loss and other health related issues; it is loaded with nutrients that are necessary for women. It helps in increasing the metabolism rate and thereby helps in weight loss.

Apart from diet, the secret for fitness women above 50 is routine exercises. Exercises are helpful in many ways particularly in burning fat and losing weight at a steady pace. It helps in maintaining healthy lifestyle. Running, aerobic exercises, jogging, light household works, yoga, walking, flexibility exercise, climbing stairs and stretching exercises are sure to help in weight loss and in avoiding anti aging medication for fitness women above 50.