Tankini – The Stylish And Comfortable Swimwear

A classic style in women’s swimwear, which can make any women wearing it look super sexy is the tankini. The tankini like the bikini is a two piece swimwear. But unlike the bikini, the tankini offers more coverage.

The tankinis have made their foray into the swimwear market only recently. Women who do not want to wear the one piece swimsuit, but feel shy to bare their midsection in a bikini opt for tankinis.

The tankini got its unique name because the upper portion of this swimwear resembles a tank top. The tankini covers the midsection completely. The tankini can be worn by women of all bust sizes, as the top offers good support. Tankini tops also come with padding and push up options. Strapless and halter style tops are the variations to the original tankini tops.

Depending on the amount of coverage a woman wants, a tankini bottom can vary from a string bikini, to a brief style bikini, to boy shorts and skirted bottoms.  The versatile swimsuit can be mixed and matched to suit your individual preference. You can buy tankinis in halter or strapless top styles and mix it with a variety of bottoms to create a new look every time you hit the beach.

Tankinis can be worn by women of all ages and sizes. Tankinis can be worn by pre teens and women alike. Tankinis  make young girls look stylish but does not compromise on their modesty. Although tankinis look great on women of all sizes, never make the mistake of buying a tankini which is one size too small, as it will only accentuate the figure flaws.

The reason why tankini sales have soared in the last decade is because it is extremely comfortable to wear. Women who want to hide unsightly bulges,  stretch marks or wrinkles on their midsection opt for tankinis. If you enjoying playing a spot of beach volleyball, then wear a tankini as it stays in place and does not ride up.

Tankinis are available in a kaleidoscopic range of colors. There are even tankinis which have been designed for pregnant women and nursing mothers. If you are a voluptuous woman, then tankinis can accentuate your curves. Most plus size women enjoy wearing a tankini more than any other kind of swimwear.