Teaching Your Child To Listen

kidChildren need to learn how to listen to others who speak to them whether it is at home or at school.  While most children will listen to adults, there are some children that are selective as to what they listen to and hear.  If your child has selective listening habits, you will need to teach them how to listen to all messages. 

Here are some activities which you and your child can participate in to teach them to listen to people when they are speaking to them.  If you still have a difficult time after following these steps, you may need to resort to getting a professional’s help.

Condition your child to listen by reading to them.  After you have read a few sentences, ask them to repeat what they have heard in their own words.  If they listen clearly they will be able to do so.  When you speak to them, look them directly in the eye.  This will force them to focus on what you are saying.  When you speak to your child have them repeat what you said to them.  This will show that they have listened to you and understand what you are saying.

They do not need to repeat the message verbatim but they need to understand what they are being told.  Get involved in your child’s life.  By being a part of their life you will build a strong bond with the child.  The more interaction you have with your child, the better they will listen to you.  Listen to them when they speak and they will in turn listen to you.  Do not interrupt them.

Involve your child in different listening activities.  Teach them songs, short stories or rhymes.  Keep repeating these stories and eventually, if the child is listening, they will be able to recite them on their own.  Ask your child to listen to the sounds that are around them and to identify them.  You can also create a game with a few children.  Ask a question and the first child that responds to the question properly will receive a prize.  When children are put into a competitive environment they tend to pay more attention to what is going on around them.