The Best Age For Women To Marry

bridal-makeupFrom childhood, most women dream of marrying a loving man who will treat them like a princess. As they get older, their attitude may change a little, but most women still harbor that desire to be a princess for a day. But at what age should a woman get married?

The recommended or ideal age differs across the world, and from person to person. The best age to marry is the time when a woman feels mature and prepared both physically and mentally, and feels responsible and ready enough for motherhood.

Research has shown that this seems to be happening at later ages over the course of time, and this is often attributed to the emancipation of women and increased personal power.

Sometimes the age of marriage depends on a national culture. Cultural traditions can be very important. Women in Finland will marry at as late an age as 28, while Indian women may marry as young as 19 years old.

Women in India are generally taught that it is their responsibility to have as many children as possible, caring less about the husband’s duties of managing money and acquiring a house. This is different from Finnish women, who are driven to provide income and housing for themselves first before having children.

The youngest age at which a woman marries appears to be in Nigeria, at 17 years old. The traditional custom is to marry the man their parents’ recommend and raise a family. Rarely do Nigerian women get the chance to marry out of love; instead their future spouses are arranged by their parents.

The latest age at which women seem to marry is 30 years of age, in Sweden and Denmark. Feminist ideals are popular there, so women concentrate on creating and providing for their own life before starting another. They get educated and have jobs, securing a way to provide for themselves and their future children before seeking a spouse.

Medically speaking, the optimal age for marriage and bearing children is 26 years of age. A woman is usually mentally and physically mature enough to bear the responsibility of birth and raising a child. This doesn’t mean you need to wait until that age, or that, if you’re older, marriage is out of the picture for you.

Above all, the right age to marry depends on your own personal experience. While research may point towards an ideal or optimal age, it can’t measure the most important part of a marriage – love.

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  • AZIH C.E

    The assumption that marriages are not borne out of love but mainly arranged by parents in Nigeria is slightly misguided. While some parents still make effort to arrange partners for their children, mainly for social, economic and cultural reasons, a lot still depends on the choice of their children in this era. Pre-arranged marriages are mainly obtainable in the islamic northern part of the country, where children are given out in marriages as early as 12 and thereabout, most times to men old enough to be their father. Things have changed; most women prefer to realise their career dreams before walking down the isle and a great number of them are becoming single mothers. Infact, the western way of life is fast eroding some norms and established societal stereotypes in Nigeria. Prolonged dating and sex liberalization has impacted the marriage culture so immensely.

    AZIH C.E
    Lagos, Nigeria