The Best Eye Shadow Colours For Your Eyes

Best Eye Shadow ColoursEye shadow application requires a lot of finesse and not everyone can carry it off with panache. There is nothing like a wrong eye shadow colour, there is only badly done make up. Colours in eye shadow palettes are meant to decorate your eyes, make them look bigger, more beautiful and vibrant.

Eye shadow palettes come in a combination of 3-4 colours and should be used as such. The number one rule for eye shadow application is that the eye shadow should never match your outfit. Rather, it should complement well with your eye colour. Here are some of the eye shadow hues that you can use to complement well with your eyes.

Different Eye Shadow Colours

Brown Eyes

Brown eyed beauties are fortunate. They are blessed with a naturally dark eye colour, which goes well with almost any eye shadow palette. People are naturally drawn to dark eyes, so offsetting or enhancing them with the right colours will make a world of difference.

Best Eye Shadow Colours

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Use colours such as golden browns, blues, greens, burgundy, greys and yellow-browns. Use a combination of 2-3 colours to make your eyes look vibrant. A combination of grey and black can give the perfect smoky eye makeup look. All it needs is practise. Get some tips from a professional makeup artist pronto.

Blue Eyes

Best Eye Shadow Colours

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Blue eyes are tricky. There are not too many eye shadow colours that blue coloured eyes can carry off. For instance, never wear blue eye shadow with blue eyes. Either it will make you look ghastly or you will appear too washed out. Stick to warm taupes, browns and colours in purple. Avoid greens as they may clash with the blue in your eyes. Of course, all this also depends on your skin tone and hair colour.

Green/Hazel Eyes

Best Eye Shadow Colours

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Green, hazel eyes look mystical and worn with the right eye shadow, these eyes can look mesmerizing. Go in for pinks, browns, warm taupes, soft violets, deep purples, gold and peaches. Try to look for flecks near the pupil of your eye. The flecks will give you a good idea of which eye shadow colour you should use. For instance, copper goes very well with green eyes.

Grey Eyes

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The perfect smoky eye look looks scintillating on a pair of grey eyes. Try the colours grey, whites, black, deep browns, golden and cool browns to go with your eyes. Create beautiful contrasts for an ethereal look.

More Eye Shadow Colour Tips

Always use metallic colours. They give a resplendent shine and do not make your eye shadow look too powdery. They are also great at hiding fine lines, creases, wrinkles and crow’s feet around your eyes.

Use darker shades to make your eyes look big. Black looks great to make your eyes look big. Use your fingertips to smudge your eye makeup. It will make the colours blend in beautifully and enhance their appeal. Contrasting colours should be worn with restraint and only if you are an expert at applying eye shadow. These tips should help you select the best eye shadow colour for your eyes.

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