The Best Treatment For Sebaceous Cysts

Best Treatment For Sebaceous Cysts

Best Treatment For Sebaceous CystsA sebaceous cyst is a lump of semi-solid tissue or clear, watery liquid that accumulates and gets attached on the surface of the skin. In women it can also occur on the inner walls of the vagina and genitalia.

These cysts are rare and generally occur after a major surgery like hysterectomy or as a possible outcome of natural childbirth. They are rarely harmful and generally do not prove to be cancerous. They primarily go undetected and do not cause much discomfort or pain. Here are some ways of treating sebaceous cysts.

Treatment For Sebaceous Cysts

Ignore Them

Since they are harmless, the best remedy is to do nothing at all. Most of the time sebaceous cysts dissolve and disappear on their own without harming the skin tissue. They are only discovered during a routine pelvic exam or skin exam in which you may choose to get them removed or let them remain as deemed fit.



If the cysts are proving to be an obstruction during sexual intercourse or surgery and causing pain, then the next best option is surgical removal of the cysts. Normally an MRI or an ultrasound may be done to locate the exact position and size of the cysts.

If the cysts are small, they are removed with the application of local anaesthesia. In case they are large, then a more serious surgery is done in which the cysts are ruptured and the sections are then taken out. The person recovers fast after the surgery is over.

Good Hygiene

Good hygiene practiced by people on a daily basis can help prevent the formation of cysts. In case of vaginal sebaceous cysts, wear loose cotton panties and wash your vulva with warm water.

Change pads frequently during periods and wash yourself. Make sure you do not insert tampons for too long in the vagina. If you are wearing one, remove it if you are suffering from a vaginal cyst.


If the doctor suspects something during a routine test, a small tissue sample of the cysts may be sent for testing to rule out cancer. This is crucial especially if the person is suffering from pain and bleeding.

Heating Pads

Best Treatment For Sebaceous Cysts

If the cysts are present in the outer walls of the skin or the vagina or just at the entrance of the vagina, then this can prove to be very uncomfortable. Small watery cysts can be ruptured with the help of a heating pad. Gently sit on the heating pad or a hot water bottle. This should eventually rupture the cysts.


Make sure you eat a rich diet of fruits and vegetables to build your immunity and prevent the formation of infectious cysts.

Avoid Multiple Sexual Partners

Avoid having sex with multiple partners as this can lead to the formation of infectious cysts on the genitalia. Contact with multiple partners may also exacerbate existing cysts, owing to infection.

Contact Your Doctor

Best Treatment For Sebaceous Cysts

In most cases, sebaceous cysts are nothing to worry about. However, if you feel that a particular cyst is growing large and starts to bulge more than normal, then it is wise to consult your doctor who may then proceed to remove it either through an outpatient procedure or by surgical intervention.

Neha Chaturvedi